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3E Domains for the Spheres

by Antonio Eleuteri

Has anyone tried to "map" the cleric domains to the Spheres? I am not interested in the Immortals, as I prefer to see clerics as getting their spells from the Spheres, not from Gods/Immortals (Immortals, if mentioned at all, would be seen more as saints of sorts; on a practical level, it means I must only stat 5 powers, not the whole host of Immortals mentioned in WotI!)

Here's my take on it. Please feel free to comment!

I started with the AD&D 2e sources; the Spheres are loosely based on (parts of) the alignments:

Matter: Law
Energy: Chaos
Time: Neutrality
Thought: Good
Entropy: Evil

Looking at various descriptions, I came up with this:

Matter: Law, Good, Evil, Earth, Animal, Plant, Healing, Strength, Protection
Energy: Chaos, Good, Evil, Fire, Sun, Magic, Trickery
Time: Good, Evil, Water, Animal, Plant, Healing
Thought: Law, Chaos, Good, Air, Travel, Knowledge
Entropy: Chaos, Evil, Death, Destruction, War, Trickery