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5E classes for Mystara

by Håvard

Barbarian: Barbarians could be from any of the less civilized lands, including Atruaghin, the Northern Reaches, Heldann, Davania etc.

Bard: Music and storytellers fit just about anywhere. The Halflings of the Five Shires and the desert folk of Ylaruam are especially known for their bards. Cleric: Clerics can be found in all lands, although in Glantri they must keep their profession secret or risk being burned on the stake. If the campaign is set in the post-WotI era this practice may no longer be in force.
Druid: Druids can be found anywhere, though Alfheim, the Isle of Dawn, Robrenn and the White Isle of Ierendi are the best known homes for Druids. Fighter: Fighters are found anywhere. Karameikos, Monk: The main centers of Monks are Sind, Ochaela and Lhamsa (Glantri). Mystara's monks are known as Mystics. Paladin Ranger: Good for elves, Atruaghin Warriors and Ethengar Horse Lords. Rogue. Rogues are found in most realms, though Darokin and Thyatis are good homes for Rogues. Sorcerer: Glantri and Alphatia are ideal homes for Sorcerers. The Wise Women of the Northern Reaches are Sorcerers. Warlock: Glantri and Alphatia are ideal homes for Warlocks. Wizard: Glantri and Alphatia are great homes for Wizards. Although 5E has many types of Arcane casters, the majority of Mystara's Arcane types will be Wizards.

Wizards, Sorcerers and Warlocks are considered nobility in Glantri.
Wizards, Sorcerers, Warlocks, Druids and Clerics are considered nobility in Alphatia
Bards, Eltritch Knights, Paladrins, Rangers, Arcane Tricksters and Monks are considered Gentry in Alphatia.
Non-Spellcasters are second-class citizens in Alphatia.
Spellcasters, other than Clerics are viewed with suspicion in the Northern Reaches.