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5E Mystara Domains

by Urieal

Just started a new campaign that is set in AC 1000, before WotI. I may actually play through WotI . . . but the ending may be different.

In my new 5E campaign (8 new D&D players . . . yaay!) I am handling it a bit differently. Here's how I'm doing it.

Spells are not granted by a deity or immortal.

Clerics have an innate connection to one of the 5 spheres: Matter, Energy, Time, Thought, or Entropy. They cast spells from domains connected to the spheres.

The domains listed in the PHB are also connected to the 5 spheres:

Matter: Nature and Tempest
Energy: Light and Tempest
Time: Life and Trickery
Though: Knowlege and Trickery
Entropy: Light (Darkness) and Life (Death)

The War domain is connected to all spheres because war and can be used for good or evil, destruction or preservation. It requires thought and time and immense amounts of energy.

Immortals are connected with a Sphere as per the Immortals rules indicate.

I may rewrite the spells to use the 5 spheres instead of the listed domains in the PHB, but I am happy with the associations I've made above.