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Customised 5e Glantri Campaign Part 1: Dwarves

by Caius of Glantri


Stubborn but practical, dwarves are fond of good food and drink. They value craftsmanship and love gold. Dwarves make sturdy fighters and are resistant to magic. For this reason, the council of wizards in Glantri has outlawed them as dangerous to the order of society. A volunteer regiment of dwarven outlaws who terrorise the Glantrian nobility in remote Boldavia only strengthens this prejudice. Though dwarves are officially permitted in a few border outposts, along the Trintan Highway, and in a small enclave by the west gate of the capital, the danger of being abducted for magical research means few dwarves visit Glantri.

Ability Score Increase : Dwarves have +2 Constitution and + 1 Strength. Their Constitution maximum is 24
Age : Dwarves age the same rate as humans but are considered young until they are 50. On average they live about 350 years.
Size : A dwarf is short and stocky, standing about 4' tall and weighing about 150 pounds. They are size medium.
Speed : Dwarves have a base walking speed of 25 feet. This isn't reduced by heavy armour.
Darkvision : Dwarves have 60' Darkvision.
Dwarven Resilience: Dwarves have advantage on Saving Throws against Poison and have resistance against poison damage.
Dwarven Magic Resistance : Dwarves have advantage on Saving Throws against magic. In addition, every level that they get an Ability Score Improvement, dwarves also gain resistance against one type of damage, (the player's choice) but only when caused by spells.
Poor Arcane Casters :Because of their magic resistance, dwarves generally make poor arcane spell-casters : they cannot cast spells as bonus actions or reactions and need double the usual time to cast other spells (usually 2 rounds). During this time they must maintain concentration. This penalty doesn't apply to Divine Spells granted by an Immortal to his or her clerics and paladins.
Dwarven Languages : Dwarves can speak, read and write Common Thyatian, and Denwarf (Dwarvish)
Stonecutting : Whenever you make an Intelligence (History) check related to the origin of stonework, you are considered proficient in the History skill and add double your bonus proficiency bonus to the check
Dwarven Names : Dwarven names are very simple to work up. Most dwarven names are derived from the same set of prefixes ; different suffixes are added to indicate whether the dwarf is male or female.
Prefixes : Bal, Belf, Bif, Bof, Bol, Bomb, D, Dor, Dorf, Dur, Dwal, Fal, Fil, Gil, Glo, Glor, Gor, Kon, Kor, Ku, Mor, Na, No, Nor, O, Or, Thor, Thra, Thro, Tor, Whar
Male Suffixes : -ar, -ed, -ic, -in, -lum, -or, -to, -ur.
Female Suffixes : -a, -as, -i, -ia, -if, -il, -is, -la.
Epithets : Most dwarves also take an epithet such as Greatbeard, Manfriend, Orchammer, Steeltooth, etc.
Dwarf Backgrounds : Few dwarves visit Glantri and fewer still live there by choice. If you choose to play a dwarf in Glantri you can expect a tough time involving a lot of hiding and bluffing even Denwarf couldn't have battled the enire Magocracy by himself. A Charlatan or Urchin masquerading as another race is possible, as is an Acolyte, Criminal, Mystic or Rebel attached to the secretive 10,000 Fists brotherhood. Other dwarves could exist somewhere in Glantri, but they wouldn't have the freedom of movement that an adventurer needs.