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Mystara 5e Customised Glantri: Gnomes

by Caius of Glantri


The Gnomes of Mystara are a humanoid race reputedly related to dwarves, but smaller and magically gifted. In other countries they often live alongside dwarves and, like their taller cousins, gnomes make excellent smiths and miners. Unlike dwarves though, gnomes are a curious and jolly folk, eager to visit exotic locations, meet exotic people and entertain them with exotic practical jokes. They are welcome across Glantri for their magical ability (except in remote Boldavia where Prince Morphail has decreed them a sub-species of dwarf), but few choose to study in the Great School and there are none among the ranks of the nobility. This is not a prohibition, but reflects the fact that gnomes are little attracted to human politics and their halls of power (save for the temptation of making a politician break wind during an important speech).
Many rock gnome burrows exist in the highlands of Aalban, where the Von Drachenfels welcome them for their technical expertise (less for their humour). There are rumoured to be forest gnomes in the icy northern valleys and even an occasional Snirfneblin is occasionally sighted in the deeper salt mines of Boldavia.

Ability Score Increase: Your Intelligence increases by 2.
Age: Gnomes mature at the same rates as humans (physically at least - they never lose their child-like sense of wonder). They reach adulthood at about 40 and live to be 350 to 500 years old.
Size: Gnomes are between 3 and 4 feet tall and weigh about 45 lbs. Their size is small.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Darkvision: Accustomed to life in burrows, gnomes have 60' darkvision.
Gnome Cunning: Gnomes have advantage on saving throws against magic.
Languages: Gnomes can speak, read and write Common Thyatian and Gnomish.


Rock Gnomes claim to be standed aeronauts who arrived in Glantri on a floating city which docked for repairs and left without them. It isn't until they start to add, once they've got some Aalbanese pils in them, that there is a sun deep beneath the ground and an invisible moon populated by cat-people that people realise this history is just another example of gnomish humour. They are, though, exceptional inventors and craftsmen.
Ability Score Increase: Your constitution increases by 1.
Artificers Lore: Whenever a Rock gnome makes a history check related to magical items, alchemical items or technological devices, they add double their proficiency bonus instead of any other proficiency bonus.
Tinker: Rock Gnomes are proficient with artisans tools (tinker's or alchemists tools). Whenever they encounter either a mechanical device or a potion, they usually decide to improve it. This takes 1 hour and 10 gold ducats of components. A successful roll means they have improved the device in some way (for example, the range of a crossbow increases by 30' or a potion's duration doubles. However, the item will become useless after 24 hours unless the gnome spends another 10 ducats and a makes another successful proficiency roll. This must be done for every subsequent 24 hours (gnome inventions are generally clever but not reliable).
Male Names: Aaron, Baz, Clegg, Davy, Evan, Fred, Gonzo, Hal, Joab, Les, Methuselah, Noah, Olly, Pete, Robb, Seth, Stan, Theo, Uriah, Zac, Zeb.
Female Name: Agnes, Beryl, Bethyl, Doris, Edna, Ethel, Flora, Gwen, Hannah, Ivy, Jess, Lorna, Megan, Nora, Olive, Petunia, Rita, Sharon, Tess, Una.
Family Names - combine 2 of the following: Ale, Barrow, Bottom, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Dale, Dell, Gold, Glen, Ham, High, Hill, Inch, Long, Lee, Mile, Mill, Mole, New, Nook, Old, Plough, Rake, Sedge, Thwaite.


Forest gnomes are elusive with a natural knack for illusions. They are almost legendary in Glantri, said to exist only in the remotest snow forests of the remote north. They rarely come to human lands. Forest gnomes have the stand forest gnome traits and names found in the Players Handbook.