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Customised 5e Glantri Campaign Part 5: Students

by Caius of Glantri


Since a very young age, you have been a student at the greatest school of magic in the known multiverse. Built over the source of all weave or radience in existence, the Great School literally crackles with magical energy. Many are sent but few are accepted, and among these there are always a number who fall prey to wild magical surges, conjurations gone wrong or professors in a bad mood. You are one of the survivors, the elite or arcana, enjoying many privilages in Glantrian society and law. You are not a graduate but a senior apprentice on life experience, away from the school but still a part of the hallowed ivy corridoors of power.
Skill Proficiencies : Arcana, History
Cantrips : You know one extra cantrip.
Equipment : A set of student robes, a set of normal clothes, a certificate of enrollment, a bottle of black ink, a quill and 15 gd.

As a student, whenever you are in Glantri City, you can stay for free in the School, consult your personal tutor (a powerful wizard) for help and advice and use their facilities for magical research (you have advantage on any rolls you have to make).
Each time you advance a level, you may return to the school to renew you subscription. The fee is 200 gold ducats/level and in return you may learn 1 extra spell of your choice (of a level you can cast). In addition, at the appropriate levels, you can learn the special feats that are only open to members of the school (students and staff).
If you don't (or can't) renew your subscription, you are temporarily blacklisted and cannot gain any benefits until you pay all the fees owed.

Foreigners believe that Glantrian wizards are arrogant, scheming, eccentric megolomaniacs. Though this isn't universally true, there is more than a grain of truth in the stereotype.

d8 Personality Trait

1 I am unworldly and don't know how the mundane world operates
2 I have a strange theory (eg. Halflings are short dwarves) that I often argue
3 I am the elite and I behave and dress accordingly
4 I'm slow to trust anyone and see devious motives behind everything
5 I have no time for immortals or the mortal fools caught in their web of lies
6 I will change the world either you aid me or you oppose me
7 I spout interminable facts about anything I encounter to those near me
8 I'm always scribbling notes on everything - my hands and clothes are ink-spattered

d6 Ideal

1 Tradition. I will play my part in serving the rich traditions of the School (lawful)
2 Noble Obligation. It is my duty to protect and care for those beneath me (good)
3 People. I look out for those I care about, not for vague ideals (neutral)
4 Power. I'll do absolutely anything to get to the top (evil)
5 No limits. Don't let anything stop you changing the world (chaotic)
6 Aspiration. Wizards of the future will use my spells (any)

d6 Bond

1 As a junior, I made an enemy of a powerful wizard who I try to avoid
2 I love my school and will defend it from criticism and attack
3 My old tutor may have deteriorated but I still honour him or her
4 The library is a sanctuary of learning in a world of ignorance. I bring it books
5 I accidently released something from captivity and it lurks in a dark place
6 A powerful wizard killed one of my friends. One day, I will have revenge

d6 Flaw

1 I hear imagined insults & anger swiftly
2 The things I've seen sometimes make it difficult for me to sleep
3 I love to be enchanted
4 I enjoy provoking religious beings
5 My curiosity may end up killing me
6 I'd rather lose a friend than an argument