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Races and Monsters, 5E Style

by Blacky the Blackball

My thoughts for the races so far are:

Most monsters don't need changing at all, but the extraplanar ones will need to be shoehorned into the Known World's cosmology instead of the Great Wheel cosmology that's assumed by 5e.

The first thing that springs to mind here is that clearly Aberrations are from the Nightmare Dimensions rather than being extraplanar as such.

I'm not sure what to do with Modrons, Angels, Demons, Devils, Slaadi and Yugoloths if we don't have the Great Wheel.

Trying to fit these with the five Spheres is probably the best.

So this gives us the following niches:

Servitors of Immortals of Energy/Time/Thought/Matter: Angels (these Immortals make few servitors, but those they do make are powerful)
Servitors of Immortals of Entropy: Demons (these Immortals make many more servitors)
Creatures from miscellaneous Outer Planes: Modrons, Devils, Yuggoloths (none of these are the direct servitors of Immortals)
Creatures from the Nightmare Dimensions: Aberrations, Slaadi (technically these aren't outer-planar creatures at all)