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Darokin City - Sixth Avenue

by Fabrizio Paoli

This is something I wrote a while ago for my campaign (or should I say "my former campaign" ... :-( )

It's a description of a short tract of the Sixth Avenue in Darokin City before WotI.
Note: Me stands for Merchant.

Sixth Avenue - West Bank

Most of the shopkeepers have the home above their shop, but some of them live elsewhere in Darokin City. Usually those houses have also an underground cellar used to store goods.

Right Side (coming from Old Bridge)

Bookmaker: Mercutio Miggs (T4, Me4), 40 years old handsome man, owns this little shop, where people can bet on almost everything: wrestling matches, weather, harvesting season...
Mercutio is also a member of the Thieves' Guild and sometimes he secretly sells stolen stuff.

Doctor/Dentist: Beltramo Aumerle (C1 of Khoronus), 53 years old, has here his medical office. He is assisted by his wife Viola Faulconbridge (NM), a young (31 years old), beautiful and big-breasted girl.
Beltramo doesn't use magic, just herb, ointments and his healing skills.
Viola, born in Athenos, is always looking for handsome adventurers for nightly adventures...

PC: the building that now houses the PC was inhabited by a couple of young Darokinians, Paolo Beltramo and Helena Sheridan, until last month. They operated a financial agency, offering assurances, loans and various money investments. Paolo and Helena suddenly disappeared about a month ago. Neighbours say that they "were a well matched couple and they worked very hard".

Carpenter: the old Martino Huxley (F3, Me6, 55 years old) has here his shop, where he works with his three young sons Sebastian (F2, Me4, 22 years old), Sasheme (F1, Me2, 25 years old) and Paolo (NM, 16 years old).
In a few months Sebastian will marry Giletta Rand, daughter of a timber trader from Hendry, and will settle in Hendry. Martino is looking for a replacement.

Left Side (coming from Old Bridge)

"Attleson's Axe" Tavern: this tavern is managed by Royce family: Santhral (F3, Me5, 52 years old), Mitrissa (T1, Me5, 49 years old), Wesley (F1, Me2, 26 years old) and Yasmina (C1, 22 years old).
Santhral and Mirissa live at the second floor, while their son Wesley and his wife Yasmina bint Fuad (of Alaysian heritage) live in the East zone of Darokin city.
Santhral is the typical host: always-happy, not too inquiring and always helpful. His wife Mitrissa, though no longer young, is still attracting. Wesley and Yasmine are really fond of each other. Recently though, Wesley has lost too many daros in bets, so he's tempted to recover that money in quick and not-so-legal ways.
Wesley's older brother, Henry, was killed a few years ago by orcs, when he was on duty at Ft. Fletcher. Obviously his family doesn't like humanoids. This tavern is a meeting place for all sort of people: merchants, adventurers, con-men...

Armourer: Shawn McEvans (F10, Me7, 47 years old), son of a Klantryan immigrated, former sergeant in the Darokinian army and expert of weapons, is the owner of this armour shop. He has a shop-boy, Ivan Sergyev (T1, 15 years old), son of Karameikan immigrants.
In this shop, affiliated to House Pennydown, armours or just sold, not built. There're several armours, mainly leather ones, on the shelves. If necessary made-to-measure armours can be ordered to House Pennydown and will be available in a few days.
Shawn secretly sells also stolen Glantrian magical items. Ivan is a secret member of Thieves' Guild.
Furrier: the halfling Giff Gibberlin (Woodrake 3, Me9) is the owner and sole employee of this little fur and hides shop affiliated to Arden House, a minor House.
Giff usually buys the hides from hunters or adventurers, but sometimes he leaves the shop for a few days to get back full of furs and hides.

Rezak Xygar: Rezak Xygar (M12, Me2, see GAZ 11) has here his office of mage-for-hire.
Rezak is often away for work. He does not teach magic nor researches spells and magical items, but from time to time it's possible that he hires some adventurers to retrieve a particular magical item or a long lost book.

Wheelwright: the brothers Dirk and Johan van Limburg (both NM, 33 and 25 years old respectively) moved here from Bergdhoven (Glantri) a couple of years ago, because of political reasons and now they operate, on behalf of Franich House, this profitable wheelwright shop.
The two brothers like drinking and sometimes they can bee seen somewhat tipsy in the tavern or walking in the night while singing. Because of their past life, van Limburg brothers do not like mages, especially Glantrian and Alphatian ones.