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This is something I created IMC (currently 1004 AC).

Darokin Adventurers' Guild

by Fabrizio Paoli

Adventurers who want to set up shop in Darokin are strongly advised to join the Adventurers' Guild.

The Guild is open to both native and foreign adventurers. Joining the Guild is pretty simple: you just need to enter the nearest office of the AG (you can find at least one in the main Darokinian towns, the main guildhall being in Darokin City in First Avenue), state the name of your group and personal data of each member and finally pay the due fee. The Darokin Adventurers' Guild charges an annual fee of 500 daro, plus 0.5% of all proceeds made by guild members.

In exchange the Guild offers: almost certain job, reductions in selected shops, legal assistance and general support. Being expelled from the Guild is as easy as joining it. Offences that can result in expulsion include cheating the public, giving the Guild a bad name, committing serious crimes (including not paying taxes).