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Help with Adventure hooks

by Siroh

I am making lists of adventure hooks well in advance of my next campaign, with an eye to using them in more than one location. I'd appreciate any comments, or helpful references. I'm mainly aiming at low level heroes, and I'll draft longer adventures once I know what makes their players and heroes tick. Hooks by other board members would be appreciated as well.

1) Delay the Horde: Local goblins and orcs have gotten stronger, and are pouring out of the wilds towards civilization. The PCs need to get a signal to the authorities and then they need to slow the enemy down. There is a choke point in which the PCs can hold the monsters at bay while the local lords' forces can be brought into position. If the PCs can convince the leaders of the threat they need only hold the pass or river ford for at most half a day. When the monsters see the armed response they will disperse after a few forays. (Karameikos, Darokin, Thyatis)

2) Reclaim the Family Treasure: The PCs are hired by a local noble to retrieve an heirloom from the resting place of an ancestor. Why the need for adventurers? The last known resting place of the ancestor is somewhere within a ruin complex far out in the wilderness. Not only are the PCs getting paid, but if they can bring the heirloom back in one piece, they can keep half of whatever they find. The noble will charter guides, and a caravan to cart it all back in the end. (Thyatis, Alphatian League, Karameikos)[/list]

3) They Found a What?: Havoc is happening in the streets, some sort of monster is rampaging through the poor districts of the city, and it's up to the heroes to stop it. However, a wrinkle appears when the heroes finally get close to cornering it when an apprentice mage runs in and tries to stop them. Whatever it is, it's an escaped experiment by a powerful wizard in the area. The wizard is out of town, but if any permanent harm comes to the specimen, he'll hold the PCs, and the apprentice for loosing it, responsible. (Glantri, Alphatia)