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Help with Adventure hooks

by Robert J. Nuttman, Jr.

Disapearances. Local farmsteads are turning up completely abandoned, tables set, overcooked dinners smoking over embers of a kitchen hearth. Livestock is found wandering, still harnessed to farming equipment. Where have the families gone? Who or what is responsible for the disappearances?

Quiet Before the Storm. Goblin and hobgoblin raiding activity has fallen to an all time low. While the local merchants are celebrating the need for fewer guards for their outgoing caravans, the captains of the guard suspect that the threat hasn't simply "gone away." Have they moved on? Does their bickering amongst themselves keep them occupied? Or are they perhaps massing, and organizing for a coordinated assault? The city guard needs answers.

Leave it to a wizard.... The spectacle across the river was amazing: rainbow sheets of light, bursts of every color imaginable, and it seemed as though the very tower itself sang. It lasted well into the night, and then the singing rose to a harrowing scream, and all went dark. The sun rose the next morning to reveal the wizard's tower turned to a spike of glossy obsidian, and everything within a seven mile radius turned to stone.