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Further Adventure hooks

by Ortega76

Runaway Bride
The PCs are hired to escort a beautiful young bride to her suitor. The journey is long and goblins/orcs/brigands are the primary danger on the roads. The catch is that she is being married off for political gain, and hates her fiance. She constantly tries to escape and flirts with every handsome stable hand and blacksmith in every village they pass. Her fiance has had a secret love affair with a daughter of a rival clan and that lover has hired an assassin to kill the PCs' charge before the wedding. The usual complications can occur, including a romance with a PC.

Little Boy Lost
The PCs stop off at one of their family members before heading out to a distant dungeon. The young cousin of one of the PCs secretly tags along, revealing himself only when the PCs are far enough out that turning around is problematic (the best option is being on a ship but a time-sensitive mission is good too). The kid is great at getting in trouble. He brags that his big cousin is the finest sword in the land, causing inn patrons or ship passengers to challenge the PC. In the wilderness, he sets out to follow some kobold tracks and gets lost in their warren. All sorts of fun can occur just returning the kid as the PC's Aunt gives the party an earful about being bad influences on "her little angel".

The PCs stop at a village that recently was rescued by another band of adventurers (a non-evil but chaotic and rowdy group) from the attacks of a bandit chieftain. The village couldn't pay the other band what they promised but offered to provide food, drink and shelter to the adventurers for as long as the band desired. That was a season ago and they have spent the last few months having a grand time- drinking the village inn dry, eating the choicest foods and even knocking up the mayor's daughter! The villagers set up friction between their old rescuers and the PCs, hoping the PCs drive the old adventurers out of town. As things come to a head, the old bandit chief shows up for revenge.