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Future timeline events inspired by new editions

by Håvard

Here is a timeline based on the Paizo/WotC Adventure Paths plus a few other D20-era adventures:

Red Hand of Doom (AC1020-1025)
Setting: Karameikos
Darokin and Thyatis are being forced into confrontation with the Orcs of the Broken Lands, while a mighty army of Hobgoblins lead by the warlord Azarr Kul rain destruction over the Kingdom of Karameikos. These dramatic events take place during King Stefans last years of rule. More details on adapting this AP to Mystara can be found here.

Shackled City (AC1020-1025)
Setting: Davania
City of Cauldron is located near the Hinterlands of Davania. The cult known as the Cagewrights attempt to use magic rituals to open a gate to the Plane of Entropy (Pyts), summoning Jammudaru (the Immortal of Madness). Heroes of Cauldron travel to Jammudaruís home plane and destroy the Immortal utterly.

Freeport Trilogy (AC1025-1030)
Setting: Freeport, Sea of Dread
Sealord Milton Drac attempts to spread the madness of Thanatos across the Sea of Dread. Miltonís Great Lighthouse is destroyed, leaving the city of Freeport in political chaos.

Age of Worms (AC1025-1030)
Setting: Darokin
Atzanteotl (Kyuss) seeks to manifest in the World, with the help of his general, the Dracolich named Dragotha. Dragotha is a former consort to the Pearl Dragon. In the end Dragotha is destroyed and Arikís plan is foiled. The Plot revolves around Akesoli, Darokin (Diamond Lake)

Savage Tide (AC1030-1035)
Setting: Davania, Isle of Dread
A War between Orcus and Demogorgon resulting in the Destruction of Demogorgon. The story revolves around the City of Sasserine on Davania, just north of Cauldron and later on the Isle of Dread.

Scales of War (AC1034-1040)
Setting: Karameikos
The Pearl Dragon seeks to destroy the Diamond Dragon, using a Diaboli invasion as a distraction. The plot revolves around Karameikos, based on events from the Red Hand of Doom. Pearl uses her agent, Sarshan, a Nosferatu with connections to the Plane of Limbo to stage the Diaboli invasion. Either or both Dragon Rulers may be killed as a result of this strife.