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The Furnace of Alphaks

by Sean Meaney

(New Mystaran Artifact of Entropy)
Created by the Evil Alphatian Immortal Alphaks to allow his minions to Bridge the Crystal Spheres, The Furnace appears as a large iron Incinerator 20 feet diameter. This is not a furnace helm and requires no spellcasters. When active it produces a foul black smoke from the stack.
Shipflight: allows any ship to fly at SR1 as a spelljammer for 24 hours before the Artefact must be recharged.
Recharge Cost: The brain of any trueborn Alphatian Wizard will recharge 100pp. Magic items and wealth recharge at 1pp per thousand gp value.
Disease: afflicts all who stoke the furnace. They permanently loose one hitpoint per 24 hours use. Any who reach Zero hp become Wraith.

You may Add Suggestions for Bridging the Crystal Sphere unless you think Mystara Space Should be forever cut off from other possibilities.