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A Brief History of Al-Azrad House

by Aaron Nowack

Al-Azrad House was founded in 692 AC by Aramus Al-Azrad with the proceeds of his brief adventuring career. As is name indicates, Aramus was a "assimilated" Alasiyan. Over the next twenty years, Aramus built up his trading family into a medium sized operation, mainly doing business in the northern Thyatian provinces and the Darokinian Duchy of Selenica, though during times of relative peace he traded with the Alphatian colonies as well. His descendants continued to build up the trading house, and by 825 AC it was one of the largest trading families in the Thyatian Empire. That would change.

The current head of the family, Kalindus Al-Azrad, was a strong supporter of the Thyatians. When al-Kalim began his campaign, Kalindus financed many of the early expeditions against him. However, as city after city fell before al-Kalim's forces, Kalindus began to give up hope. Finally, he "converted" to the Eternal Truth, taking the name Kalafi Al-Azrad, and began to grudgingly support al-Kalim.

After al-Kalim left on is pilgrimage, Kalafi took the first opportunity to leave Ylaruam, as many of the tribal leaders remembered his efforts on behalf of the Empire. When the tribal leaders began to plan an invasion of the Republic of Selenica, Kalafi volunteered to travel there and work as a spy. This was in 853 AC.

When he arrived, he immediately contacted Hallonica House. For the next three years, he played the dangerous role of a double agent, feeding harmless or misleading information to the Ylari. When the tribes invaded in 856 AC, thanks to Kalafi's help, the Selenicans were able to push them back, and in 857 AC the Ylari were decisively defeated at the Battle of Parsa, ending the war. Selenica, and later Darokin, would maintain control of Parsa until 950 AC, when it was ceded back to Ylaruam in return for an elimination of tariffs on Darokinian goods. Kalafi's role was never discovered by the Ylari.

Ever since the time of Kalafi, Al-Azrad House has been a prominent player in Selenica. It was one of the original Great Houses of Darokin, and its alliance with Hallonica helped catapult that House to its high position.

In the present day, the Al-Azrad's are as Darokinian as any Selenican, though they remain members of the Selenican branch of the Eternal Truth rather than the Church of Darokin.

Al-Azrad House Assets

Al-Azrad does a great deal of trading with Ylaruam, obviously. It also does some trade with Thyatis, though not nearly as much as in its early days. Al-Azrad's domestic assets are concentrated in Selenica, though it does maintain an office in Darokin City.

Al-Azrad House Relations

Corun House: Neutral. Al-Azrad and Corun Houses do not concern themselves with one another.

Franich House: Neutral verging on friendly. Franich House often invests in Al-Azrad ventures.

Hallonica House: Friendly. The two Houses are very strongly economically and politically allied.

Linton House: Neutral verging on hostile. Linton House does not like Al-Azrad House, and the two heads absolutely loathe each other.

Mauntea House: Neutral. Neither House has much to do with the other.

Pennydown House: Friendly. Pennydown stores often act as a domestic outlet for Al-Azrad goods.

Toney House: Neutral. No important relations exist between these two Houses.

Umbarth House: No special relationship exists between Umbarth and Al-Azrad.

Al-Azrad House Personalities Eshram Al-Azrad (11th/14th fighter/merchant, LN) Eshram has been the head of his House for two decades. He is a calm man, and is devoted to the Way of the Eternal Truth, though he is not ostentatious about it. He has a striking figure, though his dark black hair as begun to grey. He sits on the Selenica city council, and is very active in civic activities. If the Selenican city council decides to hire adventurers, he will likely be the one to contact them.

He is married, and as two children.

Alexandra Al-Azrad (5th level fighter, CG) A Thyatian adventurer who moved to Selenica after retiring from active adventuring, Alexandra met and fell in love with Esram Al-Azrad. The two were married shortly thereafter. However, their marriage is an unsteady one that is often filled with strife, though they so far have eventually made up after each major fight. One of the main sources of conflict is that Alexandra remains a follower of Solarios (Ixion).

Alexandra has short brown hair and blue eyes.

Jamila Al-Azrad (3rd/8th level Cleric of al-Kalim/merchant, N) Jamila is Esram's younger sister, and is a member of Selenica's City Council. She has black hair and brown eyes. As a cleric of al-Kalim, she often represents the Eternal Truth's viewpoint of the council. She once was in a relationship with Garon Hallonica, another council member, but the two had a falling out several years ago, and have hardly spoken since.

Tahir Al-Azrad (6th/2nd level fighter/merchant, LN) The elder of Eshram's children, Tahir is being groomed to inherit the House. He is currently running Al-Azrad House's Thyatian trade, and has proven to have a talent for it. Rumour has it that he and Elissa Mauntea, Corwyn Mauntea's younger child and Mauntea House's Thyatian manager, are in love.

Myriam Al-Azrad (0-level normal woman, NG) Eshram's younger child, Myriam is something of a recluse, and is rarely seen by anyone outside her family. Those who have seen her report that she is a beauty, haven taken the best of her parent's features and avoided the worst. She is currently engaged to Anders Hallonica, Bertram Hallonica's heir.

Unknown to anyone, Myriam has actually been replaced by a simulacrum (cast on her behalf by the friendly wizard Reginald of Crowlerd). The real Myriam is currently adventuring, and has become a fourth level mage.

The last Reginald heard from her, she heading into the Black Eagle Barony on a rescue mission.