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Alphatian Pantheon

by Giampaolo Agosta

There is little canon information about the Alphatians' religion and its pantheon. I think that, given the large size of that empire, and the utilitarian approach to priesthood, there would probably be many different temples and faiths, probably in competition with each other. I also believe that, while each priest would be quite zealous in his duty --no one wants to be left without spells, their rivalry would be not overt, nor exceedingly violent --no priest would be really willing to die for its faith.

This attitude could have allowed the creation of a number of different churches, often worshipping different aspects of the same Immortals. I'm obviously not going to describe all the possible temples in a nation of millions, so I'm going to discuss only three pantheons, that IMO would be revered through the whole empire.

The Pantheon of Magic

First of these pantheons is the Pantheon of Magic, a collection of Immortal Patrons for the various schools of magic. There are twelve patrons, plus the head of the Pantheon and its chief enemy, the personification of the lack of magic. Each patron of a school is also patron of a month of the year --supposedly, the month where that school is stronger.

Head of the Pantheon
        Razud, God of Wizardry, Patron of All Magic

Patrons of the Eight Schools
        Alphatia, Patroness of Alteration Alphamir
        Koryis, Patron of Abjuration Cyprimir
        Noumena, Patron of Divination Vertmir
        Ixion, Patron of Invocation Sulamir
        Nyx, Patroness of Conjuration Nyxmir
        Marwdyn, Patron of Necromancy Burymir
        Eiryndul, Patron of Illusion Hastmir
        Brissard, Patron of Enchantment Islamir

The Four Patrons of Elemental Magic
        Palartarkan, Patron of Air Magic Eimir
        Khoronus, Patron of Water Magic Amphimir
        Rathanos, Patron of Fire Magic Andrumir
        Kagyar, Patron of Earth Magic Sudmir

The Enemy
        Talitha the Thief, Goddess of No Magic, Patroness of the Day of Dread

Obviously, Talitha becomes Patroness of the Day of Dread only after WotI, both in HW Alphatia and in the Alphatian settlements in the Outer World.

National Pantheon

This is the composition of a series of national churches based in each Alphatian Kingdom. Each patron is recognised within the Imperial Church of Alphatia, but most have their own local church in their home kingdom.

Head of the Pantheon
        Alphatia & Razud, Patrons of the Empire

National Patrons
        Alphatia, Patroness of Haven
        Razud, Patron of Vertiloch & Arogansa
        Koryis, Patron of Bellissaria
        Eiryndul, Patron of Shiye-Lawr
        Ixion, Patron of Randel
        Nyx, Patroness of Limn
        Kagyar, Patron of Stoutfellow
        Palartarkan, Patron of Floating Ar
        Marwdyn, Patron of Blackheart
        Zirchev, Patron of Foresthome

Norwold and Thothia follow different traditions, but each has a national pantheon.
Note that for lesser kingdoms, patrons could be exalted beings, allowed by their patron Immortal to grant spells up to the 4th level. Obviously, a position in one of these churches is a second (or third) choice for all but the most pious priests.
The enemy of the National Pantheon is Alphaks the Destroyer, in his main aspect of enemy of Alphatia.

The Craft Pantheon

This last Pantheon as some following among the mundane population. The priests of this pantheon are considered to have tedious but well-payed jobs. However, they aren't especially popular among the aristocracy.
This Pantheon also has a rigid hierarchy, with Razud at the head, followed by Noumena and Alphatia. The Immortals are listed here in order of decreasing importance in the pantheon.

        Razud, Patron of Wizards
        Noumena, Patron of Scholars
        Alphatia, Patroness of Artists
        Ixion, Patron of Warriors
        Eiryndul, Patron of Jesters
        Kagyar, Patron of Artisans
        Palartarkan, Patron of Sailors
        Zirchev, Patron of Rangers
        Brissard, Patron of Merchants
        Khoronus, Patron of Farmers
        Talitha, Patroness of Thieves

The Enemy
        Alphaks the Destroyer

In the Craft Pantheon churches, Alphaks is seen in his aspect of destroyer of art and knowledge.