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Alternative Saving Throws

by Scott Anderson

Originally "the saving throw" represented divine intervention. Quickly it became representative of some last-second action by the character to avoid fate. I really like both of these ideas.

In 3.X, saves became tied to ability scores as well as level, and that was another nice twist. They were also reduced in number from 5 to 3, which didn't lose any of the flavor and made things (for once) a little simpler.

I would like to use these ideas in a new saving throw mechanic somehow. It doesn't have to be unitary.

Here's a suggestion, and tell me whether it's good or crap and why.

Three saves.

Save one: physical save. Base number (10?) plus level plus con bonus plus shield AC bonus (where applicable). Roll below to save.

Save two: magic save. Base number plus level plus wisdom bonus plus total of magical pluses on weapons and shield.

Save three: fate save. Base number plus level. This would be for death effects and anything that doesn't fall into the first two categories.

I have no idea whether this is any good.

The next idea is immunities. I have a better idea about this part. It would work like this:

Every time you successfully save against a particular kind of attack (poison, charm, fire), you gain a permanent +1 to save against that kind of attack These bonuses stack. When you get to +3, you automatically make your save against that kind of attack in the fuiture- you are essentially immune to it.