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Analects of the Immortals

by Jonathan Nolan

"Although the path you are on may not lead to the mountain, if you can see the mountain, you are not lost."
          Cult of Ixion

"Time hates beauty and Old Age is its claw"
          Cult of Khoronus

"No king ever dies alone"
          Church of Halav

"The old order changes; yielding place to new. The Immortals fulfil themselves in many ways, lest one bad custom corrupt the world."
          Church of Vanya

"My Loyalty is Honour"
          Heldannic Knights blade oath

"Blood is life"
          Church of Nyx, Boldavian Sect

"Many strange gods are worshipped as the fish turns in its pool"
          Cult of Calitha Starbrow

"Those who do not honour the elderly are doomed to failure"
          Church of Karameikos

"What is evil cannot be done in the name of Love; what is good cannot be done in the name of any other power"
          Church of Valeria

"We poor few forged as brothers in this furnace will emerge as the steel of future generations"
          Legionary's prayer, Thyatis

"Ixion! Help me, or do not help me; but do not hinder me!"
          Emperor's prayer, Thyatis

"ONE SON has Laufey; LOKI LAUFEYSEN! The God of the Fire, The God of the Knife, The God of the Lie called Life"
          Priesthood of Loki

"No man will out-stare Ixion, or outdrink Protius; no man will draw breath longer than Thanatos or cast a spell that will outlast Rad. But still we hold a fascination for all these powers, for with our thoughts, we shape the world"
          Followers of Gareth

"A man may waste a life seeking a mythical treasure. A man may waste a life bowing down to idols. What is a life that is not wasted? Perhaps one in which we learn?"
          Philosophy of Truth

"The light of the truth shines with the brightness of a thousand suns"
          Cult of Rad

"We are the last fruit of Autumn; our Summer is gone and will never come again. Spring is forbidden to us; only Winter awaits the Elf races now."
          Lay of Alfheim

"Idolatry is worse than carnage"
          The Nahmeh

"Take me back to the grove of oaks, I want to worship Odin there"
          Cult of Odin