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Magic of Annwn

by Lost Woodrake

The Grey Sprites of Annwn has found ways of magically using the webs of the Aranea. This is one of the causes of conflict between the Aranea and the Annwn court, since the spider-folk feel exploited and degraded. The Aranea guard their webs fiercely - making them quite rare.

Web of Love

Two low level sprites (one male and one female) who succeed in causing one mortal to trip over one string of Aranea web, will cause him or her to fall in love with the first creature seen for four crazy nights.

Web of Dreams

Four low level sprites who tie one mortal into his bed with Aranea webs - can cause him to dream what they wish for as long as he his tied, and doesn't wake up. The dreams have no direct influence - and can be interpreted in any way by the dreamer.

Web of Deceit

Five mid-level sprites who succeed in causing a mortal to fall into Aranea web, can make him believe what they wish him to (one lie - but with whatever content).

Web of Nightfall

Seven high-level male sprites need to tie one mortal to his bed. He will not wake up for three nights - and they can make him dream horrid nightmares. The dreams have some effect in reality: If the dreamer is killed in his dream - he will be wounded in reality (but not dead), If he loses something (or someone) in his dream - the object (or person) will indeed disappear, etc. There might be some severe effects on the dreamer's sanity as well.

Web of Fate

Nine high-level female sprites need to weave a small web, dyed with the victim's drop of blood. Thus, they can retell his fate and control his destiny. The sprites can decide on ONE event that will indeed happen in the mortal's future. They cannot decide that the victim will die at a specific date - but they can decide on his manner of death.