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NPCs of Annwn

by Lost Woodrake

Gwyn ap-Nudd: King of Annwn, A middle-aged looking Rogue-sidhe. White hair, light-grey skin, black eyes. Gwyn is suspicious, even paranoid - since he knows there are some plots to overthrow him. He controls the Annwn court firmly, through his Aranea Army and Spies - and trusts only his wife, Wyghn-Rae.

Wyghn-Rae el-Nawz: Queen of Annwn. A powerful snake-shaped Pooka. Gwyn's wife is the true ruler of Annwn, since she controls Gwyn through her nightmare and time-control abilities. Her agenda is yet unclear - although she has shown considerable interest in the Shadow Elves' Soul Crystals.

Qavvish: Head of the Aranea partisans. Qavvish leads the Aranea and spider opposition against Gwyn - as they resent his reign over the Forest of Spiders. Qavvish is a highly charismatic and wise Aranea, and she convinced many of the followers of Gwyn to switch sides.

Kraen the Spider-Master: This militant pixie is the head-trainer of the spiders of Gwyn's army. Fiercely loyal to his king, he his highly frustrated from Gwyn's mistrust.

General Djuk: This Aranea is the Grand General of Gwyn's spider army. The Aranea partisans consider him a traitor, of course. But he believes he is doing what is best for his kin.

Hurneg Vistlufzun: Head of the Leprechaun Guilds in Underyord. Highly efficient, honest and pragmatic. He is responsible for the very good relationships between gnomes and leprechauns.

Flaemyndill: This handsome and charming Shadow-Elf soldier is in fact a Walldrake. Nobody knows this - even not princess Tanadaleyo, who started to show some romantic interest.

Hoorpah Moavita: This aged Redcap lives in the Falun Caverns, and sponsors some of the Kobold attacks against the Dwarven Wanderers. She is specifically looking for Krung the Tooth-Hunter - as a private vendetta.

Krung the Tooth-Hunter: A Dwarven Wanderer, in a constant search for Redcap teeth - as he believes they bring good luck. He once took Hoorpah's beloved's tooth - and she is after him ever since.