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Complete List of Mystara Artifacts

by Andrew Theisen

I've been working with magic items of Mystara lately, and as part of that, I've been trying to compile a complete list of all Mystaran artifacts. I'd like as comprehensive a listing as possible with sources, and have a (long-term) goal of actually trying to flesh them all out according to the artifact rules; many of them have incomplete artifact listings or (for most) consist of little more than names.

The list I've got so far:

Amulet of Moira the Pure (DMR1)
Arella's Weeping Flail (DMR1)
Armet by Wayland (Master DM's Guide)
Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyer (Gaz14)
Barrier Mask (Savage Baronies)
Bead of Oblivion (Gaz2)
Bedlam's Hammer (DMR1)
Black Opal Eye (B7)
Black Staff (M3)
Blackstick (X11)
Book of Amon (HWR2)
Book of Zargos (HWR3)
Boots of the Five Winds (DMR1)
Bracers of Forbiddance (Savage Baronies)
Camb (IM2, WotI)
Cap of Mala (IM2)
Carpet of Millicent (IM2)
Carven Oak (Gaz9)
Cat's Ring (DMR1)
Celestial Planisphere (Gaz2)
Censer of Mists (DotE)
Claw of Mighty Simurgh (Master DM's Guide)
Comb of the Korrigans (Master DM's Guide)
Comet's Edge (DMR1)
Crown of Corruption (Gaz13)
Crystal Dagger of Cymorakk (X10)
Cube of Six Planes (IM3)
Cup of Silenus (M4)
Cynos's Shadowalk Ring (DMR1)
Deck of the Spheres (DMR1)
Diadem of the Sun (DMR1)
Diamond Orb of Tyche (Master DM's Guide)
Ebon Cloak of Kahlark (DMR1)
Ebon Eye (Orc's Head Peninsula)
Donnard's Doom (Glantri: Kingdom of Magic)
Egg of the Phoenix (Gaz5)
Elvenstar (X11)
Eye of Traldar (DDA3)
Fiery Brand of Masauwu (Master DM's Guide)
Fountain of Tomorrow (HWR3)
Gilgrave's Bow (IM2)
Girdle of Armida (Master DM's Guide)
Girdle of De'Rah (M2)
Gloves of the Demon (IM2)
Golden Bracers of Zamash (DMR1)
Golden Mirror of Ka (Rules Cyclopedia)
Great Blade of Ghyrkhos (DMR1)
Harp of Spirit Restoration (X13)
Helm of Halav (HWR3)
Helm of Petra (HWR3)
Humbaba's Glaring Eye (Master DM's Guide)
Hymir's Steaming Cauldron (Master DM's Guide)
Icon of Petra (HWR3)
Infernal Five-Handed Wand (Glantri: Kingdom of Magic)
Ivory Plume of Maat (Master DM's Guide)
Ixion's Wrath (DMR1)
Krollan's Hood (DMR1)
Lizardskin Bed (Gaz2)
Mask of Bachraeus (Rules Cyclopedia)
Master Plan (HWR2)
Mirror-Shield of Rheddrian (WotI)
Monolith of Yav (CoM)
Net of Ninfangle (IM2)
Nucleus of the Spheres (Gaz3, WotI)
Oirtulev's Eye (DMR1)
Ortnit's Lance of Doom (Master DM's Guide)
Peaceful Periapt of Pax (M5)
Pflarr's Puissant Pyramid (HWR2)
Pharaoh's Crook & Flail (HWR2)
Pileus (Master DM's Guide)
Plume of Findias (IM2)
Radiant Eye (DMR1)
Rainbow Scarf of Sinbad (Master DM's Guide)
Rheddrian's Staff (WotI)
Rod of Building (HWR2)
Ruby Ring of Onyssa (DMR1)
Seat of Power (CM8)
Selbrinor's Wavestone (Gaz8)
Shadow Belt (M4)
Shard of Sakkrad (Master DM's Guide)
Shiera's Mask (DMR1)
Skarda's Mirror (X12)
Sorona Crown (X13)
Soul-gem of Thanatos (X10)
Spellslayer (Glantri: Kingdom of Magic)
Staff of the Infernal Arcana (DMR1)
Suit of Silver (Gaz7, Joshuan's Almanac)
Sword of Halav (DMR1)
Throne of Kron (X7)
Throne of Transformation (X13)
Tome of Gambia (IM2)
Tome of Ssu-Ma (Master DM's Guide)
Torcs of Dengar (DMR1)
Trolek's Tome (DMR1)
Turlock's Harp (IM3)
Vampire Sheath (HWA3)
Verthandi's Invincible Hourglass (Master DM's Guide)
Viper (DMR1)
Well of Souls (DA4)
Wife of Ilmarinen (Master DM's Guide)

*Note: Not all of these (such as many of the DMR1 magic items) are intended to be artifacts, but I think that- with the possibility of one or two- there is room to make them so by expanding on the histories given and powers indicated, and so have included them all here.

I did not include the list of suggested artifacts from the Master DM's Guide, as they were just suggestions absent more detailed information. Whether I will change my mind on that score or not remains to be seen.

If anyone can think of any that I've missed (I'm still going through various sources, and sometimes there isn't much more about them than a name, or perhaps just a description without a name), please let me know!