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List of Artifacts

by Michael Diehm with some additions by Giampaolo Agosta Here is a list of known artifacts that I compiled from published materials and the net. Some of the locations I chose myself, so don't take these as gospel. I thought this list might help illustrate just how many artifacts there are on Mystara.
Armet by Wayland Darokin's Orclands
Claw of Mighty Simurgh Barimoor
Comb of the Korrigans Alfheim
Diamond Orb of Tyche Milenian Ruins
Fiery Bird of Masauwu Atruaghin lands
Girdle of Armida Alphatia
Humbaba's Glaring Eye Enshu
Hymir's Steaming Cauldron Frosthaven
Ivory Plume of Maat Azemur
Ortnit's Lance of Doom Great Northway Lands
Pileus Milenian Ruins
Rainbow Scarf of Sinbad Emirates
Shard of Sakkrad Tarylon, Norwold
Seat of Power Glantri
Eye of Traldar Dymrak Forest
Nucleus of the Spheres Glantri
Sorona Heldannic Territories
Girdle of de'Rah Norwold
Peaceful Periapt of Pax Aran, Upper Thothia
Sunstone of Rathanos Aurora R Valley, Thothia
Prism of Ramenhotep Upper Thothia
Elvenstar Wendar
Blackstick Shrine of Enoreth, Great Forest of Geffron
Throne of Kron Kron
Yav's Time Machine Dhiki Namazzi
Skarda's Mirror Karameikos
Heartstone Ghyr
Vanya's Wings Freiburg
Barrier Mask Saragón
Ebon Eye Dark Jungle
The Black Vessel Almarrón
Altar of the Stars N'Djatwaland
Bead of Oblivion Darokin
Cap of Mala Kingdom of Grimm
Plume of Fidias  
Tome of Gambia  
Carpet of Millicent  
Illiric's Nose  
Hand of Kindness Vulcania
Censer of the Mists Mositius
Kereenyaga Ulimwengu
Scorbane (Int Sword) Shining Isle
Crystal Feather of Nyggg (W of I)  
Crown of Ka (W o I)  
Serpent Sceptre (W o I)  
Throne of the Malformed King (W o I)  
Finder (Int Sword) Chateau d'Ambreville (Land of Mists, Room 8)
Sword of Ahmed Khel Hule
Sword of Canopa Magden, Hule
Sword of Lopra Suthus
Sword of Falcon Kron
Wheel of Infinite Travel Risilvar
Redface (Int Sword) Thunderdelve Mt
Hammer of Vitroin Thunderdelve Mt
Frond of Life Airandal
Barimoor's Soul Daggers Empire of Barimoor
Celestial Planisphere Makistan
Bead of Oblivion Surra-Man-Raa
Lizardskin Bed Kirkuk
Pearl of Destruction Ierendi City
Tree of Life (Original) Sylvan Realm
Egg of the Phoenix Alfheim Town
Suit of Silver Hardanger Kobolds
Selbrinor's Wavestone Fletcher Reef, Shire Coast
Pearl of Power Seahome
The Carven Oak Near Verdun
Thar's Sword Orcus Rex
Crown of Corruption Desert of Lost Souls
Tribunus Stone City of Thimhallan
Star of Vanya Vanya's Rest
Polymer Helm  
Crown of Thyatian Emperors Century Hills
Throne of Hosadus Jandak
The Great Saampo Great Citadel of Kaarja
Sword of Morphos Blight Swamp
The Mannequin of Ixion divided into many pieces (known parts are in Saragón)
The Howling Dragon Cimarron
The Thundering Dragon Cimarron