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Athenos Harbour

by Mike Phillips

This is the map of Athenos Harbour, as presented on the Darokin Gazetteer poster map. The scale seems a little iffy -- that bar is supposed to be one inch, and that should be 1/2 mile. That implies that the canal (1/2 bar, give or take) is 1/4 mile or 1320 feet.

The map itself appears to be building-scale, and it implies that there's a lot of the city left unmapped. If the scale is correct, the area depicted is about 2.5 miles by 2.5 miles, or a bit larger for this part of the city than the entire Darokin City map. (Athenos population: a little under 15,000, Darokin city population: 250,000)

The only maps I found in my collection which were on a comparable scale are the map of the City of the Stars (1/2 mile per inch, city population 250,000) and Tarthis (HWA2, 1 mile/inch, city population 350,000).

To me, this scale does not make sense at all.

For comparison, Threshold (5,000) is in GAZ1 at 500'/inch, with very small squares for buildings.

I think the scale on this should be one of: 100', 150', 200', 225', or 250' per inch, based on other map scales. My gut reaction is to make it 150' or 200', based on the buildings and canal width. The canal is 1/2 inch, the entrance to the harbour is 1 inch.

For historical comparison:
Erie Canal: originally 40' wide, 2-way, later expanded to 70'
modern NY Canal system: 120' wide
Panama Canal: 110' wide (constrained by locks, not canal)