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How a Widow's Attic led to the Isle of Dread

by Sean Meaney

The PCs investigate the attic of an Elderly Widow and discover a nest of 36 Stirge. Instead of killing them, Bob the Magicuser suggests that they sell them to the Local Merchants alive.

Off the Trade Routes

Base Value: 100 x HD x 10 x number of * x # of critters = 36 Stirge x 1000gp = 36,000gp
The Local Merchants are exporting Monsters sourced locally at 50% of Base and they buy from Adventurers at 30% of Base.
30%=10,800gp - 800gp on a stirgeproof Aviary, and Basket Cages.

Of course the Merchants dont buy them all in one go. Nuwmont (5 Stirge), Vatermont (25 Stirge), Thaumont (remaining 6 Stirge).
Taking a 50% Share (5000gp) they are set apon by the Taxman for -10% Sales Tax and -25% Income Tax Comming away with 3,375 gp (to be Split three ways). Before they can gamble their monies away, the Widow digs through the Attic and emerges with some Maps for the Isle of Dread, and Makes a Proposal...How about we buy a Sailing Ship?

Certainly they didnt have enough money or Experience but they had 6 months before the ship would need to sail - wintering the Storms of the Sea of Dread for Six months on the Isle of Dread - with a mad plan to establish a Port with a few Colonists.