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Updated map for B11 — King's Festival

by Steven Varner

This is a map I just completed for use with module B11, King's Festival. It's designed to print on 8.5 x 11 paper, so I could put it in a sheet protector for play. Depending on your printer, you might have to adjust it a little. The size was right for mine, but I had to shift it up a tiny bit so it wouldn't crop the bottom. I made it so each hex is 1 inch tall. I changed the hex orientation so it matches standard Karameikos maps, therefore it's not an exact color replica of the small map in B11. Click on the image for a large PNG file, or opt for the PDF version.

I'll probably make another map for B12, Queen's Harvest, that shows a path from Stallanford to Ilyana's Keep.

One interesting thing I noticed in reading King's Festival is that it mentions a map #2, but never provides one. It's in the section about the halfling who is being attacked by a guard spider:
"The halfling, Harribal Flatfeet, was captured by the orcs while out rabbiting. He works at Lernan’s farm (shown on Map #2) and is of Lawful alignment."
Has anyone heard anything else about Lernan's Farm?