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Villains of Mystara issue #1: Bargle the Infamous

by Sean Meaney

Welcome to Villains of Mystara issue #1. In this Thread we are going to discuss Bargle the Infamous, his history thus far in the Mystaran Setting, his Stats as a 4.0 Character, his future, and a few Adventure Ideas Involving the wretch.

If you have something to submit please feel free to do so.

A quick History of Bargle the Infamous

AC976: Street Thug...........Aged 14, Bargle picks up wizard by mugging an apprentice of his spellbook. He spends the next sixteen years wandering from master to master seeking knowledge.
AC992: Wizard L2-3...........Bargle is encountered in caves near Threshold. Kills Aleena the Cleric.
AC995: Wizard L5-7...........Bargle is hold up in the ruins of Castle Mistamere (where he appears to be conducting potion and spell research)
AC997: Wizard L9-11.........Bargle becomes Wizard to Baron Black Eagle.
AC1000: Wizard L15..........At this time he is Wizard to Baron Black Eagle (his apparent age is 30/real age 38).
AC1011: Wizard L15..........Bargle deserts the Black Eagle Barony at its fall
AC1013: Wizard L15-17.....Bargle shows up in Alphatia, is recognised by Haldemar of the Princess Ark
AC1016: Wizard L17..........Bargle is involved in fall of Serraine, the flying city of the Gnomes to the forces of Evil.

You were right, the Gazetteer says he is 15th level in AC1000.

Further Events for Bargle the Infamous*
AC1017: Wizard L17..........Learning that Marilenev is secretly employing Alphatian Wizards to Enchant Castle Marilenev into a Flying Castle, Bargle disguises himself as a Traladaran wizard named Firebeard and becomes the lover of Lady Magda Marilenev.
AC2023: Wizard L18..........During the Second Marilenev uprising, Bargle murders Lady Magda and absconds with the Flying Castle of Marilenev.
AC2025: Wizard L20..........Bargle Abducts Aleena (see below)

*These are events approximating his activities in my own OD&D Campaign (the wealth of OD&D Marilenev is much greater than in D&D 3.0 -Marilenev turned the entire estate into a flying island before Bargle crashed it on Fletcher Reef - forming Fletcher island -covered with 10,000 undead Peasant farmers (Ghosts) who hate Bargle).

Bargle abducts Aleena

"I intend to father my children upon you." Bargle stroked her cheek and smiled at his own rising pleasure.
"Get off me you monster!" Aleena pushed him away.
"You’re my property now."
"My Husband will get you." She was pure hate.
"Who? Him? He came looking for me at Mistamere." Bargle pulled back the curtain to reveal a very dead and tortured Traladaran shackled to a torture frame. Aleena recognised the broken form before her instantly.
"Noooooo!!!!" Aleena's Scream echoed across the flying castle...

DM Briefing: Her Husband murdered by Bargle, Aleena is abducted from Threshold by Bargle the Infamous. The PCs must penetrate his flying fortress and rescue Aleena. The flying Castle is kept aloft by an Artefact (The wishing ring (Alphaks))-Recharge Cost: Must kill a 36th level Alphatian Wizard and bath the ring in victim's blood.