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Mystery on Baronís Rock (AC970)

by Sean Meaney

DM BACKGROUND: The rock juts from the sea about a mile from the coast. It is home to a fisherman known as The Baron. About once a year he comes in to the coast by rowboat to trade gold that he separates from sea water. He was expected a few months back but didnít show. He was chased over a cliff by an invisible predator that is currently lairing on the island.


The local Lord of Sulescu requests that you take a rowboat out to Baronís Rock just off the coast and check up on ĎThe Baroní. You will be paid 20 gold pieces each on your return. He loans you the Rowboat and expects it back.


You circle the Rock. It is a sheer face pretty much all the way around, except for a low area or rock that can be used as a landing. Piloting (small boats) check or the rowboat will be wrecked between two rocks. They will need to wait until the next high tide before they can leave.


The creature attacks during the night attempting to kill all the PCs. It remains invisible while attacking making it near impossible to hit. When it is reduced to 10% of its hit points, it will retreat to its rock shelter until healed. The PCs will be able to follow the blood trail to the Rock Shelter. The DM should select an appropriate Predator from the Monster Manual. The Creature is invisible because it escaped from some wizardís experiment.


The Tiara and Signet ring are sufficient to Identify the dead Fisherman known as the Baron as the Baron of Rokarn. Possession of the Signet ring confers the Title of Baron of Rokarn to the wearer and pretty much every Traladaran noble will recognize the title including the Marilenev though the new Duke and the other Thyatian Nobles will not (The Barony of Rokarn is just the Barons Rock that sits a mile off the coast Ė besides you just stole the ring). The Marilenev will if shown the Ring and the Tiara grant the hand of Melanie Marilenev in Marriage (the wedding to take place sometime in AC971). This is an age old agreement recognizing the Barony of Rokarn by surrendering one of the Princesses of the Marilenev line to Marriage.