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Barrik's Vale aka Valley of the Eternal Sun

by Håvard

(Adaptation of Warriors of the Eternal Sun - The Hollow World Video Game)

Technology Iron Age
Lifestyle Feudal
Population 50,000 (90% Humans, 10% Demihuman)
Outer World Origin Thunder Rift ca AC 200
Location: Northwest of the Schattenalfhen Caverns, Southwest of the Malpheggi Swamps, Northeast of the Oltec Kingdoms. (see this map for details)
Languages: Thyatian, Traldar, Neathar
Government Type: Feudal Duchy
Industries: Agriculture, Timber
Furthern Reading: Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Thunder Rift

In AC200, the humanoid hordes were ravaging the valley of Thunder Rift in the event later remembered as the Goblin Wars. At the time, Duke Barrik was a local human ruler controlling the lands south of Melinir. Right before the Castle of Duke Barrk was about to fall to the massive Goblin forces, the entire castle was swept away by divine forces never to be heard from again in the Outer World of Mystara.

In the Hollow World, Barrik's Castle and its inhabitants reappeared 800 years later. They found themselves in a strange valley surrounded by various creatures and peoples that they had never seen before. They also immediately noticed the strange everburning red sun above them and named their valley the Valley of the Eternal Sun. As they began to explore the valley, Duke Barrik's men encountered Azcans, Milennians and Schattenalfen neighbours. As of AC100, the people of Barrik's Vale are just beginning to discover the larger Hollow World that they are now a part of.



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