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BC 500 plotlines

by John Calvin


This plot line builds off of some of my previous work with lycanthropy in the ancient world (which can be found on the Vaults). The basic premise is that the Nithians had modified the Curse of Lycanthropy for their own ends. They were able to control it somewhat, and at a point it even became fashionable (among some circles) to contract the disease. With the fall of Nithia, all knowledge of controlling lycanthropy vanishes, and the curse is 'unleashed' upon the world once more.

One of the areas that Lycanthropy hits hard is Traladara. As the population recovers from humanoid attacks a new menace begins to emerge. Several vampire lords emerge and start asserting their control over the countryside. The vampires were Traldar vassals of Entropy worshiping Nithian lords who have all been newly freed from their bonds of domination (which vanished with the Nithians). The vampires are employing lycanthropic vassals and believe themselves to be the inheritors of Ancient Taymora.

In this case the baddies may have quite an advantage over the PCs in that the vampires probably now more about lycanthropy than anyone else in the Known World. Is the fact that silver can harm a lycanthrope widely known, or did that knowledge vanish with the Nithians?

The chase (for artifacts) can start in Traladara, and slowly work its way outward across the countryside to what is now Thyatis, and eventually to the newly blasted region that will be the Alaysian Basin. The vampires might also try to expand and set up strongholds in Thyatis and Darokin, and perhaps even the newly freed Shires.

As a twist, the PCs might actually be working for one of these vampire lords (perhaps seeking the promised 'reward' of lycanthropy (or even vampirism) from their masters after a job well done. In this case they will find themselves pitted against agents of the hin, and the elves, as well as others who fight evil. At some point the PCs may see the error of their ways and turn upon their former masters.

The Shires:

The hin are finally free of their orcish oppressors and the Shires can begin to prosper. However, not all is well in the Shires. Dark figures have begun to impose their will from the east (in Traladara), and orc attacks are still frequent. To remain free, the hin must remain vigilant.

Hin adventures could focus on gaining allies, and strengthening the borders of the Shire. Perhaps the PCs are sent into the wide world in search of allies against the orcs (the elves would be a good choice, as might be the proto-Thyatians). Perhaps they are part of a band tasked with the challenge of capturing an enemy stronghold and making it their own. Orcs would have to be rooted from their underground warrens, and fortresses would need to be built. [The need for such defences would lessen after the elves stabilize the area, and perhaps they quickly slip into disuse. Maybe a few of those nice rolling hills in the Shires are actually crumbled and overgrown battlements.]

Once the outside threats are taken care of, hin PCs might be shocked to find that their communities are rotting from within. Lycanthropy is taking hold, and either cursing (or killing) hin. These dark events are being orchestrated from outside of the Shire and the PCs will have to determine who their foes are and put a stop to them.


The elven presence in Brun is mighty, and here to stay. After the disappearance of Nithia, the vastly powerful elven military has a chance to catch its breath and turn its attentions elsewhere. They find two foes: 1) roving bands of humanoids which must be crushed, and 2) primitive tribes of humans (former pawns or slaves of the Nithians) who must be civilized. The sinking of Oenkmar plunges the humanoids into chaos, and it heralds the beginning of the end of their reign of terror in the area.

An elven campaign in this time will most likely be a military campaign. The elves are out to clean house. Militant raids will be made on humanoids in the area until they are all pushed back into the broken lands. [This will have the unfortunate side effect of causing humanoid migrations away from southern Brun and up into the north where they will come into conflict with the dwarves, and even destroy the gnomish civilization in the Northern Reaches.]

As the Canolbarth grows, the magical power points within its borders will increase in power. Strange creatures begin to emerge from these sites and plague the elves (perhaps remnants of old Nithia leaking out of the space-time continuum). Other powerful individuals might also become interested in these magical

The elves might also be left with the feeling that they have unfinished business in the area...perhaps the thought that there is an enemy who was not truly defeated, and who might one day return. It may be possible that some Nithians escaped immortal wrath by fleeing to other planes of existence. Perhaps one of these miscreants is the one who attacks Alfheim City in later years.


The Thyatians will be beginning their conquest of the surrounding lands and the subjugation of the Doulakki people. They may also have a fair share of run-ins with orcs and elves. The Thyatians may also be left with the vague feeling that an old enemy might return and prepare for that eventuality by building up military forces.

Thyatian PCs would face a military campaign very similar to that of the elves. They could be sent on missions to destroy orcish hoards, conquer Doulakki tribes, and to find weapons of their ancient (and unknown) enemy. The elves could be a constant thorn in their sides, as well as valuable allies. The Thyatian goal however would be that of self rule. Though they might accept help from the elves (in the form of weapons, etc...) they do not want to be beholden to the elves.

Other Powers:

The Ierendi isles may still be full of ancient Taymoran undead strongholds. Perhaps the destruction of Nithia (and the sinking of Oenkmar) have recently awakened them.

The lizardman empire has just breathed its last breath on the Minrothad Isles, but it is possible that some lizardmen priests linger on in undeath. They had intended to unleash their wrath upon the Nithians, but the immortals disrupted that plan. Now they have their forces built up, but can't quite remember who it was that needing punishing. Oh well, they'll just punish anyone they can grab hold of...