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Building Progeny

by David Knott

For those of you who do not own copies of the boxed set "Glantri: Kingdom of Magic", "Progeny" are humans or demi-humans who claim at least some trace amount of ancestry from some magical monster. Since the system presented in that boxed set consisted of one random roll after another, I now offer a variant system based on points.

Base level: Unlike with children of Immortals, Progeny do not automatically accept a penalty to effective base level. However, if the disadvantages taken by a Progeny character include an XP penalty and base level is greater than one, then starting XP total is reduced accordingly, with a possible loss of a level or two.

Classes: Regardless of racial or cultural restrictions, all Progeny have at least "minor arcane talent". Thus, even if they would otherwise be barred from beginning play as bards or sorcerers, Progeny are free to begin play in either of these classes.

Point allocation: Progeny receive zero points for their advantages and defects. Thus, it is mandatory for advantages and defects to balance out.

XP penalty: XP penalty may be 0%, -20%, or -40%, with -4 points returned per -20% XP penalty. The XP penalty of -40% is available only to Progeny who take at least one extraordinary ability.

Ability score adjustments: Each point of adjustment to roll, base score, minimum score, and maximum score costs +/-1 point. Minimum adjustment is -1; maximum adjustment is +3 for charisma, +2 for strength, dexterity, and constitution, and +1 for intelligence and wisdom.

AC adjustment: Each point of bonus to base AC costs one point, to a maximum of +2 (base AC 8).

Saving throws: Each point of adjustment to saving throw vs. poison or spells costs +/- 1 point. Adjustment beyond +/- 1 point is not allowed. A bonus of +1 to all saving throws costs 3 points, as does complete immunity to either poison or disease (but not both). Complete immunity to poison or disease counts as a +3 ability.

Odd appearance: For Progeny, odd appearance is always a disadvantage that results in a penalty to reaction rolls of -1 to -2. For such defects a character receives a number of bonus points equal to reaction penalty.

Strange aura: This effect results in a -3 reaction adjustment and thus is worth a -3 point bonus to the affected Progeny.

Nervousness in natural animals: This effect is unnoticeable by sentient humanoids but totally eliminates the possibility of a positive reaction from animals. This effect is worth a -2 point bonus.

Extraordinary abilities: All of the following abilities are "extraordinary abilities" that may qualify a character for the -40% XP penalty.

Spell abilities: Cost of the ability to cast any spell once per day equals level of spell. If spell is reversible and reverse version of spell is denied to character, spell may be cast +2 times per day. Conversely, further limits on ability to cast spell reduce spell cost as follows:

3x/week: -1 point
2x/week: -2 points
1x/week: -3 points

Natural attacks: Bite attack of 1d6 is worth +1 point. Claw attacks of 1d4+1 per claw are worth +2 points.

Dragon breath weapon: Damage (based on breath weapon of adult dragon) and specific effects vary with breath weapon type of patron as follows:

White: 2
Black: 3
Green: 4
Blue: 5
Red: 6
Gold: 8

Add +2 for Amber dragon and +1 for all other gemstone dragons to account for special effects of breath weapons.

Each +5% of magic resistance costs +1 point.

Again, for those of you who have the boxed set "Glantri: Kingdom of Magic" -- did I miss anything important?

Longevity: Progeny enjoy the same privileges as children of Immortals in this area. Maximum longevity for people who are not members of the New Averoigne royal family is x4.

New Averoigne royal family: Members of the d'Ambreville family of New Averoigne receive all of the benefits of "virtual Immortality" as defined for children of Immortals except that they are of mortal rather than Exalted status. This advantage is balanced out by the -20% XP penalty.