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Boulder Point

by Geoff Gander

Boulder Point could literally be a massive, rounded boulder resting on a broad rock pedestal. The boulder and pedestal are different types of rock, so obviously the boulder was brought by somebody, but even the most ancient legends are mute on the subject. People have explored the boulder (which measures about 50 feet across) over the years, and no one has found any inscriptions on it. Nor has anyone found evidence of it having been rolled there. Local hunters use it as a lookout point, as have scouts during times of conflict (the pedestal is broad, and is roughly 100 feet tall, for a total height of 150 feet).

The people of Karalos believe that the boulder sits on the entrance of a great cave system, and whoever manages to move it aside will inherit the treasures of a lost empire. Many have tried to find other entrances to these purported caves over the years - to no avail. The villagers also hold an annual festival around the boulder during the longest day of the year, in which there are all sorts of games, contests of skill, and feasting. No one knows why the Boulder Festival is held, but they have been doing it for centuries.