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Mapping of Blizzard Pass

by Robin

For my 1 mile hex map research of the area labelled as the Blizzard Pass, I delved through the adventure module
Two main things I noticed ,

First several more terrain descriptions than the map sections of the adventure gave.
Binding all the map sections together according the descriptions in the text of the adventure. We have the main map which is of two levels and an exit.
However following the rest of the text descriptions;
There is an escape tunnel underneath the office of the Master of the Ice Wastes.
There is a higher tunnel above the cavein area occupied by some Troglodytes.
And the Main area which caved in was also a corridor to the outside, to enable the frogs to enter.

Secondly the Group map is thus different than the solo player map, it assumes (as boh are canon and in the region) that two dungeons exist in the pass.
One on the west side of the pass High in the mountain above the valleypass, and another in the spur in the centre of the pass.
This would also assume the Grip of Stodos on the Pass is stronger than expected, and enables a reason why this pass is so cold it is named the Blizzard Pass.
Both these temples hidden in the mountain enavble the Immortal power from these locations to influence the weather.
I marked both locations on the overview map with a star.