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Blackmoor Immortals

by Håvard

Giampaolo asked for a conversion table between Mystaran Immortals and Blackmoor deities.

I'm still working on this, but here is what I've got so far:

Odin - Odir
Ordana - Ordana
Ixion - Sollus
Thanatos - Thanatos
Protius - Hydros
Faunus - Faunus
Terra - Terra
Ka - Tsartha (She is a female dragon goddess though...)
Korotiku - (Hersh and Phellia are possibilities. Hersh fits the trickster aspect, but Phellia fits the spider one. She is female though.)

Hel - Hella
Calitha - Mwajin (He is male though)
Kagyar - Kadis
Valerias - Tilla

Verthandi - Yoosef? (Okay, not sure about this one, or what would fit here)

Great Dragon - Innsellageth (The current great one is probably not that old, but it is mentioned that he was not the first Great Dragon...)