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Immortals of Blackmoor

by Håvard

Thanatos has been around since the beginning. As usual he works from behind the scenes.

Hel also known as Idris is very active at the time of Blackmoor. She is the one who brought the Chromatic Dragons to Mystara. She is the creator of the Beastman race. She is worshipped by Giants.

Odin is the patron of the Metallic Dragons. He is also worshipped by the Skandaharians and the Dwarves.

Eternal as the Sun, Ixion is worshipped by many races.
Including the Oltecs (as Otzitiotl) and many other humans.

Asterius is a mortal merchant in Early Blackmoor. He undergoes a quest for Immortality where he destroys an artifact created by Thanatos. (See more under Zugzul below).

Manwara, is the Immortal of the creatures of the Sea.
At this time, only a few sea races exist, but he takes interest in the lives of Merrow, Whales and Dolphins.

The forest mother is the Patron of the Elves and Sylvan races.

He is the main patron of the Sylvan races together with Ordana even at this time, but takes little interest in immortal politics.

He was a mortal man at the time of Early Blackmoor, but he was also his own sponsor, so its not unlikely that he would be around.

Ka has been unusually inactive after his failed experiments with the Carnifex race.

Kagyar's main interest at this time is the Brute Men, but even at this time, he is worshipped by some dwarves as well as Human artisans.

The Patron of the Tanagoro

"New" Immortals

The Frog
The Order of the Frog worship the false "saint" Stephen, but their clerics also gain spells. This means there must be a deity sponsoring the order. The Frog had ruled the Isle of the Frog for 150 years before arrival of the FSS Beagle. However, during this time, its power had slowly diminished. The Frog led Stephen Rocklin into the swamps and allowed him to revitalise the order.

The Gatormen also have powerful clerics and worship their creator. According to the timeline provided by Zimri, the Gatormen are created by a rogue mage who becomes an immortal. Could he also be connected to the Frog?

Zugzul is the patron of the Afridhi. He is described (somewhere) as a God of Fire and Ice. My theory was that he was another identity of Thanatos. Perhaps Asterius achieved Immortality by destroying an artifact of Zugzul, thus leading to the downfall of the Afridhi? On the Other hand, Zimri, theorises that Zugzul is an Immortal of Energy waging war on Time... There is also a tie-in here with the Free Tortles of Zul on the Savage Coast (AC1000). Perhaps Zugzul returned to enslave the Tortles, but when they freed themselves they became the Free Tortles of Zul (Really meaning Free from Zul).

The Egg of Coot
The Egg is not an Immortal, but an extremely powerful being, perhaps a servitor of the Outer Beings. What happens to the Egg? Perhaps he is destroyed. But what if he survived and returns in modern day Mystara?