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Mystara / BECMI Board Games

by Håvard

I just ordered the last two games on the list above above via ebay. Unless I've been had, they will arrive soon. Both games have logos resembling variants of the Rules Cyclopedia Era D&D logo. At least one of the games is closely based on the Classic D&D rules.

In this thread I attempt to place the realm of the Dragon Strike game in Mystara. The Dragon Quest Game is specifically set in Thunder Rift according to information in this thread.

Then of course, there is Dungeon! by David Megarry, which is strongly tied to Blackmoor. Megarry played in Dave Arneson's group and the board game was strongly influenced by Arneson's group's common exploration of fantasy themed gaming.

Another game called The Classic Dungeon seems to be a 1992 revision of of Megarry's game. Noted is the use of Keith Parkinson's painting The Savage Coast, comissioned for the Mystara module X9.