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Revised Bow Rules

by Håvard

I've been trying to reconcile the various source material that deal with bows and arrows for BECMI. Gaz5 and Gaz12 introduce new bows and special arrow. The problem is that some of these new weapons are not really compatible with the Weapon Mastery System. If the range and/or damage increases due to the type of arrow used, how does this affect Weapon Mastery?

I think the easiest way to reconcile these things is to use the range and damage of the bow/ Weapon Mastery as the basis and then have arrows be modifiers to these.


Bow, Short 50/100/150 1d6 May be used while mounted RC
Bow, Long 70/140/210 1d6 May not be used while mounted. RC
Bow, Composite 70 (+1)/140 (-)/210 (-1) 1d6 May be used while mounted. Weapon Mastery is similar to Long Bow, but needs to be learned separately. Gaz 12
Bow, Elven Longbow 70/140/210 1d6+1* +1 to hit. Magical Bow. 10.000 GP Gaz5
Bow, Nithian Staff (w.o. Skill) 40/80/120 1d4 May also be used as a melee weapon. HWA2, Dragon #182
Bow, Nithian Staff (w. Skill) 60/120/180 1d6 May also be used as a melee weapon. These effects require the Nithian Staff Skill from HWA2. HWA2, Dragon #182

*Optional rule: Rather than give the +1 bonus to damage, Elven Longbows using this rule allow the wielder to add his Dex Bonus to damage.


Normal Arrow Standard This is the standard arrow, also called Flight Arrow. RC
Silver Tipped Arrow Standard Can hurt Lycanthropes and some other monsters. RC
Elven Arrow Standard Arrow does not provide magical bonuses, but is considered magical for purposes of damaging monsters. This magic is not lost when arrow is fired. Breaks at 10% Gaz5
Light Arrow (Moraki) Reduced by one die type* +2 to hit at all ranges. Gaz 12
Heavy Arrow (Takadi) Increased by one die type* May only be fired at short range Gaz 12
Murkit Heavy Arrow Standard +1 to damage against Chain or Plate Mail. +2 to hit against chain or plate. -1 to hit all other armors. Reduce range by -10/20/30 Gaz 12
Uighurs Light Arrow Standard +2 to hit against Unarmored humanoids**. Otherwise -2. Increase range by +10/20/30 Gaz 12
Tajit Whistling Arrow Standard Makes signals during battle. No damage. Gaz 12
Kaerut Flame Arrow Standard +1d6 per round until fire is extinguished. 50% chance of setting straw on fire. 25% chance of setting wood on fire. -5 to hit moving targets. Reduce range by -10/20/30 Gaz 12

*=Increasing damage type means 1d6 becomes 1d8, 1d8 becomes 1d10, 1d10 becomes 1d12.
**=by Gaz12 this bonus is against any non-armored creature, but I changed it to humanoids only.

Ammunition Materials

Stone Age Stone, Obsidian
Bronze Age Bronze
Standard Iron, Steel
Superior Mithril, Blackmoorian Steel
Superior +1 Dragon Bones, Adamantium
Superior +2 Elemental Metal
Superior +3 Infernal Steel, Celestial Steel, Titan forged

The way I handle weapons of superior /inferior quality materials is that if the weapons used are superior to the armor/shields used by the defender, the attacker gets a +2 to hit. If the attacker wields weapons of inferior materials he will suffer a -2 penalty. Important: It does not matter how many levels below/above quality the weapons are. The bonus/penalty will never be higher than +2 or lower than -2.

Also, see this post about more of my ideas on armors of different materials.