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Campaign Newsletter

by Aleksei Andrievski

Here's the first newsletter from my Mystaran Birthright PBeM. It's mostly meant for reading, not incorporating it into your campaign, but who knows? maybe you can get some ideas out of it...

The Poor Wizard's Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the Poor Wizard's Newsletter! This enterprise was founded by Rikard Prospero, a humble mage living in Thyatis City, and its goal is to inform the people of Mystara about happenings around the Known World. So here are the major news of the previous month, Vatermont.

Southeastern Mystara


Thyatian engineers have constructed a road connecting the Vyalia province to the rest of the country's road network in Kerendas. Almost immediately, caravans started exporting elven goods and even minor magical items and components from Vyalia to Kerendas. The caravans are sponsored by Demetrion, Magist to the Emperor. It was rumoured that Demetrion was granted exemption from the Emperor's recent decree on trade. Emperor Thincol Torion has declared that it is henceforth unlawful for any resident of the Empire to construct any kind of fortifications without prior consent of the government. The Imperial forces have put down a minor rebellion in Trevanion Hills. It is rumoured that before the army could kill them, the rebels disappeared as if by magic. In any case, Trevanion hills has suffered a loss of population that will negatively affect both trade and religious worship in the area. Both Glorious Wings of Vanya and Valerias' House of Passions have recovered somewhat from last month's hot religious disputes. The leaders of both temples have said, however, that their Immortal patrons will not tolerate the prevalence of the other church. Endless Seas of Protius, as always, has kept well away from the argument, content with its share of worship.


The Grand Duchy of Karameikos announced its formal alliance with the Church of Karameikos. The alliance terms allow the Church to maintain two companies of knights in the large cities, and state that the state and the Church will work together to improve the spiritual and physical needs of the people of Karameikos. Patriarch Olliver Jowett is also granted the right to preside over all marriages and coronations of the Grand Duke and his immediate family. The Patriarch has announced the formation of the Order of the Griffon, an organisation of knights devoted to the Church. Currently, representatives of Duke Stefan are negotiating alliance terms with the Church of Traladara as well.

This month, Karameikan troops headed by the mage guildmaster Teldon defeated a horde of goblins who were menacing travellers in Dymrak Forest. It is once again safe to travel in the area, for now.

Once again, members of the tiny Cult of Halav have marched on the streets of Specularum, praising Duke Stefan as incarnation of the ancient mythical King Halav. They also preached loudly against the other Churches in the city, though as usual, most people ignored their ravings.


The formal alliance between the State and Church of Minrothad was announced this month. Guildmaster Oran Meditor and High Priest Elian Farendir have signed the document in the country's capital. To symbolise the union, a statue of Minroth, Immortal patron of the nation, has been commissioned in Minrothad City.


Unusually many immigrants were noted this month in the emirate of Nithia. Traditionally thought as the most backwater of the emirates, Nithia has been getting fresh blood from the new settlers.


Persistent rumours continue, telling of huge hordes of undead warriors awakened from their slumber by Count Oesterhaus' dark magic. If this is indeed so, the realms bordering Hattias may be in great danger from the unyielding undead legions.

Southwestern Mystara


Minor flooding has been reported in the province of Azadgal, as the Asanda River rose from its banks due to above average rainfall. The flooding has not caused any major damages, but travel is expected to be difficult in Azadgal for the rest of the season.

The Holy Temple of Bozdogan, supported by the Master of Hule, has initiated a campaign against the Three Incarnations of Ixion. Chandra ul-Nervi was helpless to prevent the contest of his temples. After that, the Master continued opposing Chandra on a more physical level. The Master's forces moved into Jalawar, to fight the rebel forces gathered there. Chandra's forces were aided by his mage, Jarita Maruti, and the Master's forces were lead by a black-robed wizard. Witnesses tell that both mages unleashed spells destroying whole units, finally duelling between themselves. Though the rebels inflicted over 1000 in casualties on the Master's forces, they were defeated, and Chandra and Jarita barely got away.


Ierendi has signed a trade agreement with Minrothad. All guilders are now welcome to establish sea trade routes between the two realms. However, it is thought that Guildmaster Oran Meditor does not wish to see trade routes of Linton House anywhere near his provinces. The Meditor Guild also expanded its operations in Ierendi, now controlling more than half of the main island's economy.

More than half of the population of Ierendi Isle now worship at the temple of al-Kalim. This religion from Ylaruam has been steadily gaining importance for the past decade.

Atruaghin Clans

Reports tell that a large raiding party from the Tiger Clan crossed the border of Darokin and attacked the caravan carrying taxes and trade goods in the province of Tenobar. A significant amount of goods has been stolen by the raiders.

Central Mystara


A trade agreement has been signed between Glantri and the Republic of Darokin, despite protests from the Merchants' Consortium. All guilders are invited to establish trade routes between the two countries. This may, however, prove difficult just yet, as no road communication exists between the countries yet, and establishing one will be hard with the humanoid-filled Broken Lands in the middle.

After the establishment of several trade routes by Darokin's merchant houses last month, the Chancellor decided to follow their example and start shipping goods from Darokin to Akorros.


King Doriath was once again unavailable for meetings this month. His advisers say that the King is engaged in important research and cannot be interrupted.


Dignitaries from King Everast have journeyed to Karameikos, there to discuss a possibility of a trade agreement between the two nations.

Five Shires

Diplomats from the Shires have left at the beginning of the month to Darokin, to negotiate a trade agreement between the two countries. Warleader Jaervosz Dustyboots also announced the formation of a new unit of infantry on the eastern border.

Northeastern Mystara


It is quite clear now that High Cleric Wulf von Klagendorf intends to take control of the trade in his realm, as another guild was founded in Grauenberg this month.


Some Ethengarian mages have reported feeling an unusual magical disturbance in the Kiyats province. Even Bakalgu, Moglai Khan's hakomon, is baffled by its origin. On another magical happening, Moglai Khan has announced that Bakalgu now has the right to manage the magical power of the Land of the Black Sand, until recently under the control of Ckartai the Necromancer. The Black Sand has large magic potential, enough to make any mage envious of its controller.

Moglai Khan has also hired a new adviser, Akmad ibn Yussef. Akmad is a blooded mage from Ylaruam who has good skills in diplomacy and magic. It is said that he already received a mission from the Great Khan.

Strife erupted among the two Ethengarian temples this month. The chaos- worshipping priests of Cretia started vandalising the shrines of Yamuga, and the earthmother's followers counterattacked in kind. Moglai Khan has not commented on the situation yet.

The Northern Reaches

King Hord of Ostland ordered the construction of a grand palace such as the world has never seen in his capital city of Zeaburg. The King refused to comment on the purpose of such extravagance. He also appointed Hygelac the Doubter, jarl of Romaland, as the head of his Diplomatic Corps.

Northwestern Mystara


Some farmers have reported witnessing a huge battle between Glantrian forces and the undead hordes of Brannart McGregor. Although Prince Etienne d'Ambreville has called upon mighty magics before the battle, annihilating a large part of Brannart's forces, some undead still remained, and they inflicted heavy casualties before the Glantrians managed to destroy them. It is rumoured that Glantri's casualties reached 1200 men, including a large part of Glantri's war mage force.

On a more positive note, a trade agreement has been signed between Glantri and Darokin.

Broken Lands

Hundreds of goblins have been seen moving into Broken Lands from the Orcland in Darokin and Khurish Massif on the Sind/Glantri border. This does not bode well for the surrounding nations, as King Thar's humanoid hordes are ever increasing.

Shadow Elves

No reports were received about the mysterious Shadow Elves, although a Darokinian farmer reported seeing some shadowy shapes moving in the forest of Alfheim.

Advertisements and Announcements

This section is reserved for various announcements that regents wish to make. Any regent can get his announcement posted to everyone.

Chandra ul-Nervi, former Rajadhiraja of Sind, sends a plea for help: "Send all aid you can, for if I should fall, the rest of the world will be next." Master of Hule, conqueror of Sind, sends a message to all regents: "Should any of you desire to submit to me as my vassals, your lives and property will be spared. All others will be utterly destroyed. Anyone giving any aid to the puny rebels within my country will be marked as the first to die."