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BECMI to 5E cleric conversion thoughts

by Stefan Beate

I had a closer look at the cleric spells for conversion. Turns out, quite a few high-level cleric spells donīt exist anymore (or are perhaps on the wizard spell list - did not check that.) I took the RC list as basis and tried to find the 5e spell matching. I donīt claim that this list is without errors. A few spells are now on the druid list, and are noted with a "D". Cure Wounds depends upon the spell level used in 5e, so this is listed for every healing spell here. Raise Dead Fully has a shorter time allowance than Resurrection, and True Resurrection is even more powerful, so matching these spells works fine IMO. In the end, it does not matter all that much that the cleric canīt be converted as exactly as the M-U/wizard. Just take care to give the cleric access to level 7 spells if you need Resurrection in 5e, and it should be fine.

First Level 5e spell level
Cure Light Wounds 1 (Cure Wounds)
Detect Evil 1
Detect Magic 1
Light 0
Protection from Evil 1
Purify Food and Water 0
Remove Fear 2 (Calm Emotions)
Resist Cold 0 (Resistance)

Second Level
Bless 1
Find Traps 2
Hold Person 2
Know Alignment 1 (Detect Evil and Good)
Resist Fire 3 (Protection from Energy)
Silence 15' Radius 2
Snake Charm -
Speak with Animal D 1

Third Level
Continual Light 3 (Daylight)
Cure Blindness 2 (Lesser Restoration)
Cure Disease -
Growth of Animal 0
Locate Object 2
Remove Curse 3
Speak with the Dead 3
Striking -

Fourth Level
Animate Dead 3
Create Water 1
Cure Serious Wounds 1 (Cure Wounds)
Dispel Magic 3
Neutralize Poison -
Protection from Evil 10' radius 3 (Magic Circle)
Speak with Plants D 3
Sticks to Snakes -

Fifth Level
Commune 5
Create Food 3
Cure Critical Wounds 1 (Cure Wounds)
Dispel Evil 5 (Dispel Evil and Good)
Insect Plague 5
Quest 5 (Geas)
Raise Dead 5
Truesight 6

Sixth Level
Aerial Servant -
Animate Objects -
Barrier 6 (Blade Barrier)
Create Normal Animals-
Cureall 6 (Heal)
Find the Path 6
Speak with Monsters 3 (Tongues)
Word of Recall 6

Seventh Level
Earthquake 8
Holy Word 7 (Divine Word)
Raise Dead Fully 7 (Resurrection)
Restore -
Survival -
Travel -
Wish -
Wizardry -