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[B/X] Fighter Class Update

by Shesheyan

I'm getting ready to do another series of solo sessions (no DM). This time I want to use my Moldvay Basic+Expert sets. Reading the Fighter class it feels bland. The other classes all have cool & unique abilities. Here are my proposed changes.

To Hit Bonus : +1 to hit class bonus. This applies on top of the Expert set Character Attack Chart.

Bonus Damage : +1 dmg starting at 1st level, +2 at 3rd, +3 at 5th, +4 at 7th, + 5 at 9th, +6 at 11th, +7 at 13th, +8 at 15th, +9 at 17th, +10 at 19-20.

Number of Attacks : Level 1-3 = 1, level 4-7 = 2, level 8-11 = 3, level 12+ = 4

Follow-through: In melee, if fighting against multiple ennemies, any unused damage is transferred to one (1) adjacent target after a second successful free attack roll. Do not make a damage roll for the second attack.

Press the advantage : After killing a foe, if the fighter did not use his full movement he can move towards the nearest visible enemy and make another attack, but only if he has enough mouvement left and if he has unused extra attacks.