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Canon references to martial arts

by Giampaolo Agosta

Here is a list of the canon references to Martial Arts (not only unarmed) in Mystara:

Mystic Order of Saffron Glantri GAZ3
*Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan Ethengar GAZ3
*Torasta Bellayne SCS
Dervishes Ylaruam GAZ2
Fakirs Sind, Ylaruam CoM
Keis Sind CoM
Jashpurdhanas Sind CoM
Shehids Sind CoM
Svamins Sind CoM
Yogins Sind CoM
*Yellow Orkian Martial Arts Yellow Orkia GAZ10
Shadow Elves Martial Arts SE Territories GAZ14
Dominguez Fencing School Torreón SCS
Cavalcante Fencing School Vilaverde SCS
Moncorvo Fencing School Texeiras SCS
Verdegild Fencing School Eusdria SCS
Darokin Rapier Fighting Darokin GAZ11
Thyatian Gladiators Thyatis DotE
*Shar-Pei Polearm Fighting Ochalea DM237

I've added a '*' before those martial arts or groups that can be related to Chinese and Japanese MA.
Specifically, Rakasta MA should parallel RW Japanese MA, while Ochalean MA would match Chinese MA.
Yellow Orks and Ethengar are culturally related and generally Asian (specifically, Mongolian).