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Chaotic Dynasts

by Rodger Burns

There aren't many Chaotic immortals of Time - which on the face of it is somewhat odd, since the Sphere is aligned primarily towards Neutrality. (Heck, even Matter has members such as Valerias and Pearl.) This is arguably due to the path involved in becoming an Immortal of Time - found a dynasty, build a capital, travel forward in time to protect a nation and a civilisation. Arguably not the most Chaotic of activities to be involved in.

Or is it? Here's a few possibilities for candidate Dynasts who don't have the most Lawful of outlooks:

The Liberator: This character's not nation-building for its own sake. Rather, he's trying to create something that can stand up to an existing empire or despotism - and if that means creating a new kingdom that will endure for centuries, them's the breaks. The new kingdom is likely to violently reject the customs of its despotic neighbour, and to have a strong streak of individuality to boot.

The Conqueror: Nothing says that the nation founded by a Dynast has to be created peacefully! A Conqueror still accomplishes all the tasks set forth in the path to Immortality... but does so on the backs of other, decaying nations, using fire and the sword. The resulting nation's laws will either be rough-and-ready to begin with, frequently ignored by the Dynast's soldiers when it doesn't suit their desires, or both.

The Hedonist: This character wants it all - and is willing to establish a kingdom in order to get it. While the resulting dynasty may be impressive, it's arguably not the most stable of societies - its founder's whim is the highest law. If this character achieves Immortality, she may remain in mortal guise to rule over the nation she founded, or may abandon it for the wonders of the wider multiverse.

The Unifier: More than one would-be Dynast gets their start from bringing together a normally chaotic culture or race and introducing them to the delights of civilisation. The nation created as a result of this effort is likely to be Chaotic out of sheer inertia for a long time to come, even if certain laws are agreed to as part of keeping the new nation from clawing itself apart from inside. Mrikitat, the wererat 'king' of the Thyatis sewers, is an example of this type of Dynast.