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BECMI class options

by Antonio Eleuteri

Herewith a small set of house rules I have been using the last months in a short campaign. With respect to my previous proposal here (which also worked well in playtesting) for this campaign I decided to keep things even simpler. I am only adding elements to the rules in BECMI, without modifying anything existent like the previous approach did. Essentially, I keep the racial classes "as is" and simply allow the possibility to multiclass with the human classes. This allows keeping the attack ranks feature without problems, among other things. I also have given humans a bit of a boost by allowing dualclassing. These concepts are implemented here according to the OD&D guidelines.
Note that I allow halfling neutral clerics which then must become druids; this is taken from AD&D 1e, and it also ties in quite well with the Hin Master class in GAZ8 which is a sort of druid.

D&D class options

Multiclassing (demihuman classes)

Demihumans can take human classes in addition to their demihuman class as follows ("U" denotes unlimited advancement):

1) Elf: Elf/Thief (U), Elf/Cleric (8th level)
2) Halfling: Halfling/Thief (U), Halfling/Druid (10th level; neutral Cleric up to 8th level)
3) Dwarf: Dwarf/Thief (U), Dwarf/Cleric (12th level)

Apply thief ability modifiers as follows:
Elf: +5%PP, +10%MS, +15%HS
Halfling: +10%OL, +5%F/RT, +5%PP, +10%MS, +10%HS, +1/+15%HN
Dwarf: +5%OL, +15%F/RT, +5%MS, +5%HS

Armour restrictions when performing functions of a class always apply (e.g. an elf/thief cannot climb walls in armour heavier than leather.)

A separate XP count for each class is kept. The best save and attack matrices from each class are kept. HD are gained per class level (including Con bonus) but the scores are halved (round up.) In case of level loss (e.g. from undead attacks) the class with the highest level loses levels first; in case of equal levels, the class with the highest XP requirements loses levels. If a level limit is reached in one of the classes, the XPs and HD gained in the other class are still halved.

Dualclassing (human classes)

Humans can leave one class and join another, provided they have a prime requisite of 16 or more of the class they wish to join. They retain all the abilities and HD of the previous class, and they gain more HD only when their new class level exceeds the previous one. Armour restrictions when performing functions of a class always apply (e.g. a fighter/magic-user cannot cast spells in armour; a fighter/thief cannot climb walls in armour heavier than leather.)