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Clerics of Immortals

by Estlor

Okay, you've seen the long list of "Speciality Priests of" for about half of the active Immortals for Mystara...but I tend to disagree with them all.

Here are my rules for "Clerics of" for the Immortals (as modified ever so slightly from my net book)

Clerics, Philosophers, Druids, Crusaders, and Balancers...where do they fit?

Clerics are typically stated to be the "general" priest class, but Mystara is different. Clerics can worship either Immortals or alignment-based ethos on Mystara, which brings rise to the Philosopher "class" (actually, it is more of a kit than a class). Clerics are the ones who Worship Immortals.

Druids and Balancers bring a slight problem to the setting. Druids are the priests that have been nature-oriented all their career, and have followed the AD&D Druid class the whole time. Balancers are worshippers of nature Immortals that can switch over to Druid upon reaching 9th level. This means Druids can be TN, LN, or CN.

Crusaders are newly presented in Spells & Magic, and haven't really been fit into the setting. I have decided they are ideal oriented...namely the ideal of war, justice, and defence, and therefore do not worship Immortals directly.

Afterthought: Shamans, Paladins, and Avengers

Shaman characters are "spirit-priests" and still do worship Immortals (notably those the humanoids worship). Shadow Elf shamans are considered Clerics, however.

Paladins and Avengers are the warrior clerics, being one for good and the other for evil. They worship specific Immortals, but they do not gain special abilities beyond their classes.

Immortals: How are they used?

Immortal introduction is quite simple. First, all Clerics have access to basic cleric spheres (as said in Spells & Magic). However, their specific worship of an Immortal, unlike the Philosopher's ethos, grants them one or two powers, and perhaps a penalty.

Dig out the Wrath of the Immortals book and use the power listed there, or modify and select one or two from the speciality priest listing. However, there needs to be one change.

Clerics that gain new weapons from worship need to have a separate power picked for them, since the "Weapons Allowed" is a separate entry.

And for penalties...most common is lower Turn/Command abilities or none at all.

I think that about covers it. If you want a listing of some of the Immortals, check my net book (at MPGN), or if you want some for minor Immortals (that have just a description), I might be able to be convinced to think them up.