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Comeback Inn 4000BC

by Robin

This is a picture by Jim Holloway readjusted by me. (originally made for the D&D BECMI adventure " DA1-TSR9172 Adventures in Blackmoor") and displayed on the inside cover.
As this picture should depict the Comeback Inn and the Blackmoor Castle in the background and still conforming to the map  of the City of Blackmoor, some readjustments had to be made to enable this.
Mostly the colors were wrong as only 5 colors were used in the art. I think Jim Holloway made this Black&White, and the Distributor company colored these; Roughly.
Also I had to recolor the waters as the map reveals a lake or sea around the castle island and a view from within the city (apparently from the roof of a building opposite of the Inn
Secondly The road was not coloured although several squinty lines did reveal these. I followed these and colored the road and water areas accordingly
Thirdly and last; the perspective was somewhat off on the left side and I move the distant coast upwards.
I hope I still do the artist right in this readjusted art.