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Church of Karameikos Hierarchy

by Damon Brown

Based on GAZ1, there seems to be 3 ranks in the CoK: Priest, Bishop, & Patriarch. I broke this down so that any clergyman who presided over a temple was considered at least a Priest. If his/hers was the main temple located in the main city/town of an Estate, he/she would be considered a Bishop. For example, the priest of the temple at Verge would be considered the Bishop of Verge. If he/she presided over the main temple in a Barony, he/she would be a Patriarch/Matriarch. There is, actually, one more rank... High Patriarch, ie Olliver Jowett. IMC, Oderbry is technically the Bishop of Specularum since he presumably tends to the city's worshipers, while Jowett tends to the overall Church organisation.

OK, so I looked over my site and it looks like the church heraldry stuff is somewhat intact, so anyone interested can check it out then clicking on the Heraldry link from the left menu, followed by clicking on Karameikos, then Churches.

For those not interested in checking that out, here's the additional (non-canon) names & titles I came up with:

Patriarch Felix Bessarion, Kelvin
Patriarch Heinrich Nussbaum, Ruhmhof (Fort Doom)
Matriarch Isabella Solarus, Vorloi
Bishop Calvin Andropolos, Verge
Bishop Gerhard Damerion, Rugalov
Bishop Florentina Dimitrakos, Sulescu
Bishop Anatoli Kasparkova, Vandevicsny
Bishop Sebastian Oxinos, Dmitrov
Bishop Rafael Portius, Luln
Bishop Lucan Silvianos, Penhaligon
*note there is no Bishop in Marilenev due to the fact that the Estate is still fairly hostile to "Thyatian" interests

I haven't actually fleshed any of them out very much, but I have a few ideas for some aspects of several of them. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to share. I may not incorporate them into my campaign but others might!