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I've thought of adding some _religion_ into Mystara. Here is the Church of Karameikos seen from a different Light. Tell me what you think

The Church of Karameikos

by Håvard

The White Light: The White Light is what we came from. In the beginning the world was created from the White Light. The White Light is Knowledge, Purity and Illumination

The Darkness: As the word came between the White Light and the people, the world cast a shadow. People living in the darkness forgot the beauty and purity of the White Light. They learned about greed and selfishness, and thus, Evil came upon the world.

The Moon: There were many Prophets in the Old world. But Evil was also present. The Greatest of Prophets, Asterius saw that Darkness was evil, and warned the people of the Old World. But they would not listen. As Evil turned upon itself, the Old World was destroyed, but the White Lights spared Asterius.

Asterius ascended to dwell among the Immortals, and he created the Moon to reflect the White Light at night.

Evil: Even though the Moon exists the Darkness is present. The Demons whisper lies in your ear and sow the seeds of selfishness in your mind as you sleep. The Greatest of Demons in Thanatos, but do not call out his name lest you want him to listen.

The Immortals: Most loved children of the White Light, they have sworn to protect us against Evil and lead us to the Path of Illumination. These are the most wise of the Immortals; Asterius, Ilsundal, Kagyar, Valerias and Vanya

Demons: Even the Immortals can be seduced by Darkness. So it was with Thanatos, the firstborn of the White Light. At that time he was a luminous being, but he was the first who discovered the Darkness. And thus he became its most powerful slave. For he is our greatest Enemy and even Asterius fears him. Only those who remain on the Path of White Light are safe from him. Other Immortals believed his lies and we can only trust the most wise.

Death: We come from the White Light. And to the White Light we shall return. But only if our Soul is unstained by Sin. When we die our souls are plunged into Limbo. Asterius will lead the unstained soul to his realm, the Crystal Halls of the Seven Moons. Stained Souls must remain in Limbo till Time purifies them. But this time of purification is painful and your soul is unprotected from the Demons.

Afterlife: The Pure Souls shall dine with the Immortals in the Crystal Halls of the Seven Moons, forever enlightened by the White Light.

The Book of Jowett: The Wise Oliver Jowett has written this Holy Book to guide us through the hardships of life.

Angels: Divine brilliant beings sent from Asterius to guide and protect us. Eternal messengers

Demons: Alphaks, Demogorgon and Orcus and their servants. Beware these foul beings as they attempt to lead you off the Path of the White Light.