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The Egg of Coot as a Relic

by Håvard

This is an idea that occurred to me as I was discussing the Spawn of the Egg of Coot (aka the Spawn of Coot) over in the New Thonia thread in the Mystara forum. Basically, the idea is to treat the Egg of Coot (and its Spawn) in a way similarly to the Trees of Life.

Origin and nature
The Origins of the Egg of Coot are a mystery. Some scholars believe that it is one of the remaining servitors of the Outer Beings. In the Age of Blackmoor, these servitors are referred to as Elder Demons, and once dominated the entire continent. The Egg appears as a huge globe of mossy grey flesh and eyeballs and mouths randomly scattered across the slimy surface. The Egg is buried deep under ground and almost never moves. There are however tunnels leading to it which are used by its Keepers to contact and preserve the Egg. Its Spawn is of similar appearance. The Spawn of Coot has a relationship to the Egg as between Trees of Life and their Mother Trees. The Egg is the definition of Evil. It is highly intelligent and communicates with its fanatical followers through Telepathy.

Keepers of Coot
The Keeper of Coot in effect becomes a Lich with all abilities of those creatures. However, it is still able to gain levels after reaching the state of undeath. There is only one Keeper of Coot at a time, and he is usually either human or of one of the Humanoid races (or Beastmen). He is given a Domination Power which gives him absolute authority over all members of the Cult of Coot.

The Egg of Coot radiates an energy of Repel Good at a radius of 360'. This radius becomes diminished by 5' for each use of the following powers also granted by the Egg: Cause Blindness, cause disease, cause serious wounds, and identify. The Repel Good power causes 1d6 points of damage to all good characters as long as they remain within the effective radius of this power.

Magic Items
The Keeper may also draw upon the power of the Egg to create several magical items:

Juggernaut of Doom
This powerful War Machine is similar to regular Juggernauts and may travel through forested areas without any movement penalty due to huge cutting blades constantly swinging along its sides. Anyone approaching the juggernaut from the sides must save vs Dragon Breath or suffer 3d8 points of damage. The Juggernaut of Doom may carry up to 50 humanoids.

Wraith Blade
These wicked Bastard Swords are enchanted with the Vampiric Regeneration ability (the wielder heals Hit Points equal do damage dealt) which is useable once per day. However, points regenerated this way must be recorded. Once the total number of HP recovered from usage of this ability, the wielder becomes a Wraith himself.

Wraith Crossbow
These heavy Crossbows may fire once per round due to Repeating technology and magic. Long tubes reach from the Crossbow to the bolt quiver.
Wraith Mantle
These technomagical heavy mantles have the Etherealness ability similar to the potion of the same effect.

Potion of Poison
As the magical item of the same name.

The Spawn of Coot
These were unknown in the Age of Blackmoor, but there were rumours already at that point, that the followers of Coot were preparing for the seeds of the Egg of Coot to be spread throughout the world.