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Campaign Journal

by Damon Brown

The group I'm DM'ing is going through B10, so they're currently wandering the northern part of the Dymrak in Karameikos.

The group is unusual in that all the PC's are Gestalt Characters (from Unearthed Arcana). All are human (primarily) and for the most part Traladaran and/or Thyatian. Originally, it was made up of:

Halav Primakov Pal/Clr
Halav is a tall young Traladaran with unnaturally white hair, brightly coloured armour, an obsession with the undead and a strange habit of talking to his greatsword. He often begins conversations with strangers, "Let me tell you about a man named Halav..."

Augustus Valerius Rgr/Rog
Augustus is the son of a retired Forester from Thyatis and a local Tralaradan woman. He tends to keep a low profile unless he has the opportunity to shoot his longbow... especially at Goblins.

Pavel Ivan Kravenov Rog/Wiz
Pavel aka "PIK" was part of an extended Darine family travelling Karameikos, Southern Darokin, and The Five Shires performing for the locals. That is, until he got on the bad side of Lord Dromilov in Dmitrov. Something about the Lord's niece...

Mandros Mnk/Clr
Mandros is much older than the rest of the party - he was born just after the Duke's arrival. When he was a teenager, his homestead was attacked by the Iron Ring. Mandros was the only one to escape capture. He fled to the countryside near Kelvin where he took refuge in the ruins of an ancient Traldar temple. He lived for many years by himself, meditating on the Three before eventually returning to society. He is always on the lookout for any information concerning the Iron Ring.

Balthazar Octavion Wiz/Sor
Born of a Thyatian father and a Thyatian/Alphatian mother, Balthazar has a natural affinity for the Arcane arts in all forms. Blessed with special powers (even by Alphatian standards), his mother believed him to be the fulfilment of a prophecy by Jarrot the Mad, foretold in The Calamity Star (thanks Stalker!). Now Balthazar seeks power and knowledge so that he can realise his destiny - once he discovers what that is, of course.

Unfortunately, Mandros didn't make it out of the battle with the Wolfskull goblins in the petrified forest. He will soon be replaced by a Traladaran Clr/Ftr.

The party is getting ready to track down the Tower at Xitaqa. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into...