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Corporeal conditions table

by Robin

All corporeal conditions and effects any PC or NPC body can enter under given circumstances.
I derived and compiled this from the RC, Boxed sets, and such sources, and placed it in this handy table.
I have made this way earlier, used it a lot, spoke about it also I believe to remember, yet could not retrace it.
So dug deep in my sources and retrieved it for all of you to use.
It is in line with the Nithian Heat exhaustion effcts, yet may be applied as per RC under the various circumstances given

Coropreal Change= the condition the character's body can enter
Saves= the effect of the condition on saving throws
THAC0= the effect of the condition on THAC0
AC= the effect of the condition on AC
MV= the effect of the condition on Movement (0= unable to move)
Other Effects= the effect of the condition on other actions, or to recuperate, and also includes the onset of thec condition for Fatigue, serious fatigue, and exhaustion.

Foe example any character can be very active(aka Running, Fighting, working hard labour, etc)
for a limited time before Fatigue sets in.
this is equal to the CURRENT constitution of the character, and a DM may apply penalties up to 3 for extremer circumstances(Fighting in full armor, in a hot environment, without haven eaten for several hours is a +3 penalty, while light armour may be only a +1 penalty) and by the characters strength adjustments. A stronger and Healthier character can fight longer, than a weaker and punier one.
add these penalties to the characters constitution just for this case; the first result is how long it will take before the character becomes fatigued, if it continues to fight make a constitution check each round at it adjusted constitution until it fails, then the character is seriously fatigued, check again if the character continues each round until he fails again and he will become exhausted. and suffer the penalties in his actions as per table..
if he rests/eases down to slow pace/action for at least as many rounds as the action has been done, and he has not become fatigued, the check can start fully anew, if action is reignited before this rest, the character receives an extra penalty of +1