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This is a write up on Corran House circa 1007 AC. (Corran House is the trading house of Jeddarin Corran from the first WotI adventure.)

Note that this contradicts the two-line history and description of Jeddarin Corran. Deal with it. That's what you get when you ask for stuff from people's campaign's. :)

A brief history of Corran House

by Aaron Nowack

Corran House was originally a noble family of the Kingdom of Darokin. The family was founded in 821 AC. It was a family of the then Duchy of Darokin, which controlled the two Amsorak cities. The head of the family, Alexander Corran, was granted a small plot of land north of Fort Lakeside, where he built Corran Keep. However, he and the immediate family were slain in a bandit raid, and the noble title was forgotten over the remaining centuries.

The family survived through various means until 965, when Ansel Corran started a small trading route between Darokin City and the Borderlands. The trading operation was only moderately successful until Ansel managed to get an exclusive contract with Al-Azrad House to ship goods from Selenica to the Lake Amsorak region. The family's fortunes took off, and when Ansel's son Jeddarin took over in 992 AC, the family was the major naval shipper on Lake Amsorak. Jeddarin then started occasional caravans to Sind and Glantri, and by 1000 AC Corran House was one of the minor houses to watch, with some expecting it to become a major house in the next few decades.

In 1004 AC, agents of Corran House cleaned out the old Corran Keep, and the Jeddarin was appointed magistrate of the area. When the Master invaded, forces from this area, led by Jeddarin, were vital in slowing the Master's advance toward Akorros. This unit also saw battle at the Siege of Darokin City, the Battle of Bronsdale, and the campaign to retake Akesoli and Akorros, and received commendations for its role in each. The unit was also involved in the failed counter-invasion into Sind, though Jeddarin was not present during the fighting. More recently, Jeddarin lead forces at Favaro to stop the orcish advance south, though victory was only achieved through Shadow Elf intervention.

Fortunately, when the meteor hit Corran Keep, it was basically uninhabited, and little was lost.

Corran House Assets

Corran House maintains a fleet of five trading ships on Lake Amsorak. It still maintains the title to Corran Keep, and Jeddarin is looking for adventurers to investigate the area. Corran House also maintains five caravans, all of which are now on domestic duty, as travel to Sind and Glantri is likely to be less than successful.

Corran House maintains offices in Akesoli, Akorros, Darokin City, and Selenica.

Corran House Personalities

Jeddarin Corran (9th/10th level human fighter/merchant, LG)

Born in 971 AC, Jeddarin Corran is the head of the successful Corran House. He is of average height with black hair, blue eyes, and a lean build. He is very intelligent and a shrewd judge of character. He has one son, Noriad Corran, who was born 990 AC. His wife, Elena Corran, died in childbirth.

He is a Captain in the Darokinian Army, in charge of the currently demobilised XXXVI Legion (founded during the war with the Master, it is part of the Sixth Army: "The Ragtag Irregulars"). His greatest friends are Sylnox Chossum and Tagorn Tromhelm, long-time adventuring companions.

He has recently returned from a special mission into Hule.

Noriad Corran (0/3rd level normal human/merchant, NG)

Noriad is a young man with black hair and brown eyes. He is Jeddarin's son. He often runs the family's operations when his father is away with the army or adventuring. HE is in love with Norelia Erendyl (see below) and it is expected that they might marry soon.

Sylnox Chossum (9th/11th level elven mage/thief, CG)

Sylnox is just over a hundred years old. His parents are from Alfheim, but they moved to Darokin a few decades after his birth. He is second-in-command of the XXXVI Legion, and is an old friend of Jeddarin's. Though Jeddarin does not agree with Sylnox's thiefly practices, the two get along well.

Six months ago, Sylnox ran afoul of a magical item which reversed his gender. He only recently was able had the effect reversed, with the help of the powerful mage Rheddrian.

Tagorn Tromhelm (9th/5th level human ranger/werewolf, CG)

Tagorn is a tall man with red hair and a beard. He is of partial elvish ancestry. He is a old adventuring companion of Sylnox and Jeddarin. He is a very violent person with a short temper. He is third in command of the XXXVI Legion.

He contracted lycanthropy early in his adventuring career, but did not reveal this until the Siege of Darokin, when he shifted forms to help fight of the Master's minotaur allies on the steps of the Merchant's Guild Hall.

Tiberius Hyperion (10th level human priest of Vanya, LN)

A Thyatian immigrant, Tiberius is a tall, thin man. He met Jeddarin, Sylnox, and Tagorn when he was appointed chaplain for the XXXVI Legion. When that unit was demobilised, he signed up with Corran House.

He left Thyatis due to political problems after he burnt down several Storm Soldier bases in Hattias.

Norelia Erendyl (4th/3rd level elven fighter/mage, NG)

Norelia is a beautiful elven women who has worked with Corran House for some time. She is in charge of the screening all job applicants, and is expected to marry Noriad Corran.

Falstair Chossum (8th/7th level elven fighter/mage, LG)

Falstair, one of Sylnox's childhood friends and a member of the Alfheim Home Guard, was a common sight at House Corran's Darokin City office while the elven exodus was in Darokin. After the Shadow Elves captured most of the remaining Alfheim Home Guard units and the exodus split, he left with the group heading north to Wendar.